Plan With Me: January 11th-17th

Welcome to another plan with me. In this plan with me I kept it fairly simple. This plan with me is a great spread for those that are beginning at planning and may be overwhelmed by the intense planner community. Planner has grown to something that is quite amazing to watch and be a part of. From the ever growing Etsy shops with amazing stickers for just about anything to stamping, and of course the various planner available. This planner spread really sheds light on quick, easy, affordable planning. First, check out my full spread from last week below:


Let’s get back to this week. I feel like I’ve been in a “planner funk” because I usually have a theme for the week. For New Years week, I used a combination of printables, which was a first. I have also realized that I don’t have many Etsy full kits and I’m reverting back to my beginning stages of planning. There’s nothing wrong with that as planning should really be functional instead of the focus being on the decor. I talk more about the importance of planning in a feature on the blog, Unleash Yourself (click HERE for that).


I really enjoy filling out the middle section of the planner. I know that a lot of planners like to section off with “To Do” / “Today” / “Little Things ” / “Personal.” I’m all for those categories but the middle section usually holds appointments that I may have and TV shows I’m watching. It’s more of a memory keeper. The top has my daily to do list and the bottom is all for my blog. The more I look at it, I could easily switch my middle section to the bottom and have my to do list right above my blog stuff, but being that my blog area is usually plain, adding the full boxes to the middle really helps to fill out the look.

Target has really embraced the planner world or as some may call it the planner trend. It started out with sticky notes, list pads, and page flags to inexpensive ring bound planner, planner sheets, and more. I have a haul coming soon showing all the dollar spot goodies I’ve purchased and explaining more in detail how I use them, but this spread and last weeks explain it all.

I don’t have a plan for next week, but I do have my spreads for February pretty much planned out. Expect a Super Bowl spread the first week! Other than that, I do want to play around more with washi and use what I have before I purchase anything else. I really like the simple layouts and I’m enjoying checking things off my daily to do lists.

Be sure to click the links to purchase/print stickers used and check out my plan with me video. Enjoy!

Stickers Used:

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