Declutter 101: Nail Polish

Welcome to another edition of my ‘Declutter 101’ series. My first installment was decluttering my fragrances and while I wanted to combine all go my beauty together into one post, I felt that separating them would be more be more beneficial. I hoard in different areas more so than others based off various reasons. I hoarded fragrances just to have them on hand always making an excuse of what I’d do with the scents I didn’t like. Then there’s my nail polish, which will be covered in this post, that I have been dwindling down for years. Check out my two previous collections below:

3compartThe container that I decided to use was one I had purchased years ago from Target. It’s a 3 compartment acrylic container. I used to store my nail polish in a larger container, but in weeding out what I don’t use, this container was perfect. I would not have any nail polishes beyond these three compartments and I would only keep the colors that I absolutely loved.

When you find a nail color that looks great on you, stick to it. It’s great to venture off and try other colors, but stick to what looks great. For me, hot pinks, nudes, aqua blues, lilac, purple, and a few glitters. I started my nail polish collection years ago, but I go through phases of obsessions. One time it was lippies. Another time was heels. Then before my planner obsession was nail polish. I’d go to Ulta and buy them just to buy. I honestly don’t paint my nails often.

In decluttering, I didn’t want to share tips that I’m not actually using. Before I started narrowing down I set in my mind that my picks would not exceed the container by any means. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be to dwindle down what I wanted to keep. Here’s what didn’t make the cut:


The colors that I decided to let go of were duplicates of what I wanted to keep or I bought them and used them once. As for the ones that did make the cut:


I was able to fit at least 9 bottles per compartment. I grouped them based off brand and kept my absolute favorites. Below is a full list of what I decided to keep:

  • OPI ‘Rally Pretty Pink’
  • Sephora By OPI ‘High Maintenaance’
  • Sally Hansen xTreme Wear ‘Blue Me Away’ / ‘Lacey Lilac’ / ‘Mellow Yellow’ / ‘Gunmetal’
  • Zoya (matte) ‘Dovima’
  • Essie ‘Turquoise & Caicos’ / ‘Sand Tropez’
  • China Glaze ‘Traffic Jam’
  • Butter London ‘Scoundrel’
  • Julep ‘Elisa’

If you are interested in using a similar storage be sure to click the links below for affordable options. Storage does not have to be expensive, it does not need to be acrylic either. It all depends on how big your collection is. You could reuse a sturdy gift box or even store them in a large caboodle. I do highly recommend that when storing nail polish to store them upright to preserve the product.

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