Plan With Me: January 2016

It’s that time of the month where I share my monthly layout along with my divider makeover. I started redecorating my Happy Planner divider back in October to correlate with the holidays of the month and I’ve been having lot of fun doing so. This month I went with a winter wonderland theme for my monthly spread.

As I’ve stated before, I use my monthly spread to track bills, appointments, gas, babysitting, and other events. I don’t decorate it as much as it typically serves as a reference to my weekly planning. For this month I did use some 3-D Stickers I had. Check out my spread below:


I meant to write my appointments and other events in blue and my bills in pink, but it didn’t work out that way. Details like that matter to me as a planner, but it’s not that big of a deal. In the sidebar, like I usually do, I cut scrapbook paper to go along with my theme. I really like putting the scrapbook paper on the side.

I realize why people don’t really use their monthly planners and I plan to get more creative with it in February. I don’t really put much in the monthly spread once I decorate except gas stickers. Since I just use it as a guide, I can get way more creative with it and have more fun. This is the spot where I can go sticker crazy opposed to my weekly spread where I need to leave space for writing to keep it functional.


Moving on to my monthly divider, I used silver glitter paper I had purchased from Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree is another location that is great for planner beginners from their paper tape to stickers. The labels are great to use in a layout as well. The divider was really simple as I just glued on the paper along with the extra stickers from my monthly spread. The stickers were harder to stick on this surface and even with a  glue stick I was worried they would fall off. Thankfully they’ve been holding on. The other stickers are from a Hobby Lobby set. I can’t wait to decorate for February.

Be sure to click the links below to purchase stickers used plus check out my planning video!

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