Declutter 101: Fragrances

Welcome to my declutter 101 series here on the blog. This is a special feature for the month of January as I declutter my belonging differently than I usually do. I didn’t read any book in particular for this declutter, but I did gain tips from YouTubers DoItOnADime and ClutterBug. The series will follow my journey decluttering:

  • fragrances
  • nail polish
  • clothing
  • handbags & accessories
  • pantry
  • car

I will also be sharing my top organization tips throughout the month from cheap & DIY storage to creating systems that work for you. It’s great to declutter and organize, but without a functional system that works for you, it’s pointless. Let’s get started.

I, like many others, have been suckered into the deals at both Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret. Bath & Body Works usually has the buy 3 get 3 free while Victoria’s Secret has 3/$30. As I’ve started to declutter in this new year from my closet to lipsticks and nail polish, I had to go into my fragrance drawer. My set up that I shared in 2014 of my beauty corner remains the same, yet the products have increased to the point of me forgetting what I have.

I have my lotions and body mists separated into two separate bins. The body mist are in a Dollar Tree bin while the lotions are in the pink bin I purchased from the Target Dollar Spot. Both stores have great inexpensive storage options.


I really needed to sort through the fragrances because there were some that I was not using and they were taking up valuable space. I first started with the lotion where i realized I had too many vanilla scents. I’m not even a huge fan of vanilla as I once was in high school so I ended up getting rid of 4 lotions and a body mist. Then there was the Sweet Pea scent form Bath & Body works which I’m not sure why I bought it in the first place and then a random cucumber melon lotion. I kept most of these around thinking I’d use them eventually, yet it never happened. They’ve never been touched, or sprayed just once, so they’ll be donated.

As for what I did keep, I stuck to the scents I know and love. There’s two that I kept around (Warm Vanilla Sugar & Moonlight Path), body mist wise, that I like to spray at night after a shower or just to spray on my sheets. Then there’s Sensual Amber which I love more for fall/winter and Pure Paradise which became one of my Summer favorites. The only fragrance that I’d like to repurchase from Victoria’s Secret would be ‘Endless Love.’



Click the links below to purchase my favorite fragrances:

Storage wise there’s a huge difference in what i have left over. I had so many lotions that I had to put some in the body mist bin, but now I can see what I have. I still have some lotions in the body mist bin, but they’re huge bottles. Check out the before and after below:


Take the plunge to declutter sections of your room, office, car, etc. It’s easy to say that you’ll use it, but don’t continue to keep items just to say you have them. After dwindling down my items it’s great to use what I have and then purchase as needed. There’s no need for me to have a constant stockpile of items I’ll never use. All items I put in my giveaway pile are donated to my church’s clothes closet.

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