Top 5: Favorite Layouts of 2015

Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to the second installment of my ‘Top 5’ series where I’m wrapping up 2015 with my favorites and least favorites. The first installment was my least favorite planner layouts of 2015. I wanted to share my least favorite to further show that not all planning is perfect and pretty despite what may be shown on Instagram/Facebook/Youtube, etc. You can check out that post HERE. In this installment I am sharing my favorite planner layouts which unlike my  least favs, was a much longer list I had to narrow down. That’s a good thing right? Let’s get to it. Note, my top 5 are ranked chronologically. Also be sure to click the links to initial post which has links to all stickers featured in the spread.

1. The first on my list is 4th of July week. This was the first week since I had been planning in May that I used a weekly kit from Etsy. This set was from FabulouslyPlanned (which I share stickers from a lot). I really loved how this layout turned out from the washi strips (PlannerKate1) to the Instagram stickers, washing machine/trash cans, and gas stickers. I kept it true to red/white/blue and I loved using the Dollar Tree washi tape. Well, planner addicts might not consider Dollar Tree tapes, washi tape, but Dollar Tree has an amazing variety of designs for just $1.


2. My second favorite may  just be my favorite of all, September 7th-13th. This week was the beginning of the NFL football season, my favorite time of the year. I had received some adhesive borders in a planner swap and since I didn’t have football washi, which I still don’t have, the borders worked amazing. All other football stickers were from either Hobby Lobby or Etsy. My favorite part of this design was the time I took in layering the borders on the bottom and the layers striped washi on the sidebar. This was just one of those weeks that if the middle looked a mess, the outside tied it together. Looking back at this week, there’s no way I couldn’t add it to my favorites. I tried to recreate a look like this with my Steelers themed week, but that was a flop. I can’t wait to plan for Super Bowl week.


3. Next up is my BIRTHDAY WEEK, October 12th-18th! I turned 24 on October 15th and this layout definitely screams chaos; organized chaos. This was the first week that I used full boxes completely in the middle section. I also didn’t write in much throughout this week unless it was on a sticker. I layered a hell of a lot of stickers throughout this week, but I love how it turned out. I will say that the bottom half of the 15th and 16th looked cluttered, but that’s because of the larger icon stickers. Thankfully etsy shops like SweetKawaiiDesign offer minis, as she calls them ‘itty bitty.’ Cheers to this week. I love flipping back and staring at it.


4. In at #4 is December 7th-13th. I used yet another set from FabulouslyPlanned and this was in memory of my mom. Roses for Rosa was theme with teal and gold. Not the traditional Christmas spread, but I did add gold stickers from the holiday sticker sheet from the Target Dollar Spot. Unfortunately I didn’t really utilize the 11th-13th since I was sick, but the layout is absolutely amazing.


5. In at #5 are 2 of my favorite spreads that I just couldn’t choose one over the other. First up was the week of November 23rd -29th, Thanksgiving Week, and the other December 21st-27th, Christmas week. The main reason I couldn’t choose between the two and I had to include both is because each had a little something different than the other. Interestingly enough, both sets were from Fabulously Planned. The Christmas week was actually a set while the Thanksgiving spread featured a sampler. With a full set, of course I’d have full box stickers, yet with the sampler I made my own full boxes out of some plaid adhesive paper that I had purchased from Michaels. For me the layouts are completely different as far as set up, but I absolutely love the difference in them, but couldn’t pass up not adding both.


These layouts really show where my vision went right. There’s a lot of other layouts that I loved, but in narrowing down to my top 5, plus a bonus, I can’t rave enough about these spreads. Check back tomorrow for the final installment of my top 5, obsessions of 2015. Also be sure to check out my planner flip through and in depth recap from my May to December. Enjoy!

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