Top 5: Least Favorite Layouts of 2015

Welcome to my the start of my Top 5 series here on the blog. I’ve done plenty of recaps throughout the years of my blogging, but this year I wanted to do something different. For those that have been following my blog I’ve evolved from writing music reviews to sharing planner spreads, fashion look books, beauty reviews, and organization tips. This top 5 series will highlight all my favorites of 2015. First we’re starting with my least favorite planner layouts. Note, my top 5 are ranked chronologically. Also be sure to click the links to initial post which has links to all stickers featured in the spread.

1.The first week that I disliked which was really a no brainer was the week of July 13th to July 19th. The key reason this layout made the top of my list was because I didn’t like the layout that I did. I tried to go by the Morning/Afternoon/Design instead of my typical Blog/School/Personal. It just didn’t work and then everything was just out of whack and I tried to track my meals while on Whole 30. I never really filled it out. I ended up buying a fitness planner which I didn’t use either. It just wasn’t an effective week and there’s no since in me placing stickers if I don’t plan on using the planner that week. The meal plan is what really threw this week off on top of me not going in with some type of theme.


2. The second layout was for the week of September 28th-October 4th. I really wanted to do a Steelers themed spread and I’m so disappointed with how this turned out. I had done a football themed spread earlier in September (9/7-9/13)- which I absolutely loved, but this one just didn’t cut it. I should have done full boxes all the way across the middle section instead of leaving Saturday & Sunday blank. Also the stickers I used were not repositionable so when I tried to move them around they were ruined. I had purchased digital Steelers paper which I should have used and made my own full boxes. I tried entirely too hard to pull off this layout and it clearly didn’t work. I’ll try again some other time.

Point Blur_Sep292015_043221

3. I was torn between whether or not I wanted to add this layout, October 5th-11th, to my least favorites of the year. The main reason it made my list is because I tried to merge two themes together instead of just sticking to my original idea. I used an amazing pink and navy set from ImagineThatByLori on Etsy which had great scalloped boxes. Then I tried to add in a breast cancer logo all the while trying to really focus the theme on my cousins wedding that weekend. I really loved the color scheme, but I should’ve just left the focus on the wedding and maybe added a full box sticker on the 7th or something else. Also I shouldn’t have colored in the ‘Always & Forever’ sticker and my TV show sidebar could’ve been ditched for the week as well. It’s not a horrible week or design, it’s just one of those where my vision just wasn’t right.


4. Next up is November 9th-13th which is another spread I’m high disappointed in. I went in with wanting to do a lung cancer awareness spread with grey and white since the color for lung cancer is white. I tried this chevron adhesive paper from Michaels which was extremely sheer and I put black washi on the sidebar. I tried to save the week with pops of blue, but it was just one week I couldn’t wait to be over.


5. Rounding off my top 5 would have to be my first Christmas spread, November 30th-December 6th. Another spread that I was disappointed in and one that I sabotaged trying to trace around the stickers. I really love how the first 2 days of the week started with the layering of stickers. Then I had nothing in the middle section for 12/2 and 12/3 and while I could’ve just left the stickers I tried to trace them like I did in one of my November spreads (11/2-11/8) but I traced too thick and it just threw  it off. I also didn’t like the washi tape and I couldn’t move it because it’d rip the paper. The bottom section bothered me the most with me trying to do something different with the Christmas countdown, marking my blog posts, and other blog related tasks. It was just one of those weeks where if the paper didn’t rip when I moved things around I could’ve saved it. That wasn’t the case.


The layouts that I chose are based off how my planning style has evolved and how certain weeks didn’t meet my personal expectations. Planning does not have to be serious and no I didn’t have to do a top 5, but I wanted to share the side of planning that wasn’t always glamorous. You won’t like everything that you do and I wanted to share my dislikes of the spreads and how I would’ve fixed them.

Any other planner addicts out there? The planner world has evolved quite a bit and it’s cool to see all the other planners that are out there. The key difference in this planning based off planning before are the different layouts and all the stickers people add to it. The prettier, the better for me.

Check back tomorrow for my next installment of top 5, favorite planner layouts. Also be sure to check out my planner flip through and in depth recap videos below:

3 thoughts on “Top 5: Least Favorite Layouts of 2015

  1. I have quite a few planner spreads from this year that I didn’t like either, but I guess we have to make mistakes so that we can end up working out how to present some really beautiful spreads too! Thanks for sharing x

    1. I think its all a process and shows that with planning you shouldn’t over think. Over planning can create a spread you dislike. No need to strive for perfection. Planning shouldn’t be stressful.

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