Plan With Me: New Years

Welcome to another plan with me and my last plan with me of 2015. I’ve enjoyed sharing my layouts here on the blog since I began decorative planning in May. Over the next few days I’ll be sharing my favorite and least favorite layouts of the year along with my planning process. In the meantime click HERE to check out my overall experience with the Happy Planner.

Last week was Christmas week and I absolutely loved my Christmas spread. I’ll be doing a recap of December some time next week so I won’t get into too many details. The layout was primarily based around a set from Fabulously Planned on Etsy which is by far one of my favorite Etsy shops. Check out my completed layout below:


For this spread I didn’t have any New Years stickers so I decided to use printables instead. I usually have printed on regular paper, but I wanted this design to pop so I used photo paper. It wasn’t extremely y glossy, but it was a huge difference from regular paper. The printables I used were from:

I didn’t have any glue at the time of this post so I had to use the adhesive tape that I had. I’m not a fan of it and I feel dumb when I use it. I have yet to master the technique of using it. For those that have mastered it, good for you. I’ll stick to my glue sticks. Also when writing on this paper my Sharpie Fine Points did not work, but my Paper Mate Flairs. Check out my spread, before the ink, below:


As usual I filled in the middle section with full boxes. Filling in the middle section, for me, really helps to eliminate white space and tie the spread together. For this week I loved layering stickers in the middle section. I loved the “hello 2016” which is a Heidi Swapp sticker layered on top of a 2016 printable from My Planer Envy.

This is the first full out printable that I did with very limited Etsy stickers. I do have my Steelers sticker (last game of the regular season), but other than that everything was a printable. Be sure to click the links throughout this post for further details on anything mentioned and check out my detailed plan with me below. HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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