My Happy Planner Experience

I’ve been planning in the Me & My Big Ideas Happy Planner since May. The planner did not officially begin until July so upon my initial purchase I bought the extension pack. With 2015 coming to an end and since I’ve been using my Happy Planner daily, I wanted to share my overall experience of the planner. First, check out my initial review below:

From my initial use, there’s a lot of things that I love about the Happy Planner a lot of things that I hate. There’s waves of craze in the planner word and while most people are Erin Condren addicts, the Happy Planner has not gone unnoticed this past fall. When the planner was first released I did not see a lot of reviews on it nor many planner spreads. All that picked up in the fall and really surged with the release of the box kits.  Now on to the pros/cons.


1. Price | With a planner that has a similar layout to the vertical Erin Condren this is definitely in the price range for those wanting to try out that style. Most planners that I have used in the past have been vertical and after using the vertical style I’ll never go back. For those interested in the Erin Condren, but don’t want to pay $50, the Happy Planner is an amazing alternative at just half the price. Not bad for an 18 month planner.

2. Customization | The discbound system makes it easy to take the pages in and out which makes it easier for planning. Also with the discbound system you could use a Levenger hole punch and MAMBI will be releasing their own version, but you easily use a hole punch and scissors to add to the planner.

3. Layout | The boxes of the Happy Planner are longer than that of the Erin Condren boxes which gives more room for writing. Whether you’re layering stickers or making a long to do list, there’s lots of space. I wish that the dated versions would have had the Morning/Afternoon/Evening on the side opposed to the corner (‘Good Things Are Going to Happen’ edition). You could easily cover that with washi.


1.COVERS! | I absolutely despise the covers of the Happy Planner. When I first received mine within a month the holes were coming a part as well as the edges. I contacted MAMBI in regards to my issue and thankfully they sent me another one free of charge. I purchased the additional covers from Hobby Lobby along with the expander rings hoping that would help, but the covers still didn’t stick and the planner was still too bulky. I plan on finding other cover options on Etsy and I still want to give the new matching MAMBI covers a chance.

2. Non-Laminated Tabs | For all those that are purchasing the Happy Planner now, have no fear the tabs are laminated. For those that purchased when the planner was first released, you’ve probably added packaging tape for a DIY lamination. I’m not sure why the tabs weren’t laminated to begin with. Definitely a downside for those that initially purchased.

3. Different Dividers | I have the ‘Good Things Are Going To Happen’ version of the Happy Planner and the dividers are horrible. I gifted a different Happy Planner for my friend and her dividers match for the various occasions throughout the year. I’m more into the holiday spirit and while I dislike the monthly dividers, I really liked that this version did not have the standard heading similar to the Erin Condren.

Overall I am very happy with my planner and I have been able to fix the issues I’ve had minus the cover. As far as the cover, that’s something that I need to purchase, maybe DIY my own, and search further on Etsy. I’ve put packaging tape on the tabs so they’re not as flimsy. Then for the different dividers I’ve created my own for October, November, and December. You can check out my December divider below:


I have since separated my planner from 2015 to 2016 and it’s like a fresh start creating layouts in January being that the planner is so thin. A part of me wants to try out the Erin Condren, but for the price point of the Happy Planner along with the various sticker options of the MAMBI brand, I’m content. Planner peace? Pretty much.

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