Ikea Raskog Setup

I purchased my Ikea Raskog back in May and I’m finally content enough with the set up to share. For those who do not know what the Ikea Raskog is, it’s simply a three tiered rolling cart that has become a hot commodity in the planner world. If you can’t get your hands on a raskog cart, click the links below to purchase similar styles:

While the styles above are not exactly like the Ikea Raskog, you can still achieve the same set up I have to store all of your planner goodies. Let’s start at the top. IMG_2653

The top houses my most frequently used supplies including: washi, stickers, 2016 planner, and travel bag. I separated my MAMBI Happy Planner so I keep the 2016 on top until I use it and then the 2015 one will be stored there. Then there’s my washi which I store in a snap ware container. Then there’s my stickers  which I have divided from Etsy stickers in the green binder, other stickers in a mini binder, and then my Darice sticker books are stored. I have other stickers along with my storage case that I take with me from time to time. The bins clipped to the outside house markers and those bins were purchased from Target. Click the links below for more details into my washi and sticker collections:


Moving on to the middle section. I have two baskets and some storage bags. The storage bags I don’t reach for that often, but they’re there. The two baskets were purchased 2 for $5 from AC Moore. This section has all of the list pads that I’ve accumulated primarily from Target. One has some that are still packaged and the other has ones that are not. Even though I love spacing out my lists in my planner, sometimes a larger list is needed or I can make a note. I also use them to plan out my week. I’ve accumulated quite a bit, but I’ll find a use for them.



The last shelf holds my post-its, journal cards/paper pads, and mini notebooks. Before I purchased my Erin Condren notebook, I was using the mini notebooks for on the go blog planning. I’ve also used them to track my Etsy sticker purchases/coupon codes.My favorite part is my post-its. I reused a first aid kit container and stuffed all my post-its inside. Love, love, love it. You don’t necessarily need post-its for planning, but they’re nice to have on hand for other things.




For a closer look at my stash, check out the detailed video below:



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