DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

Today is the official day of my Ugly Sweater Christmas party and I’ve been blogging my entire process. Click the links below for all that fun stuff:

Being that it’s an ugly sweater party, I had to have an ugly sweater. To create the sweater I just took a holiday sweater I had purchased from Kmart years ago, yet never wore, along with some left over decorations. I knew that I wanted the sweater to have garland, but the initial design in my head did not go as planned.


I wanted the garland to be formed into a tree, but layering it into that design was more difficult than I expected. I then took another route and added the garland to the bottom, sleeves, around the collar and on the shoulders. Then with the left over garland I tried to make a tree again, but it still didn’t look right. I ended up just making a circle then my OCD kicked in and I realized it wasn’t completely straight. I tried to move it around, but it didn’t work, but after trying it on it’s not as off as I thought it was.

Then it came time for more embellishments. I had some left over snowflake ornaments so I put one on each side. Then in the middle of the circle I mixed and matched silver and gold ornaments along with puff balls. My favorite part of the circle was the addd lights. They’re just LED tea lights that I cut and glued to the inside and yes they light up.

I really, really love the look of this sweater. It’s just as hideous as I wanted it to be. I plan on taking it to work tomorrow (12/23), but who knows if I’ll actually put it on. I work with kids so it’ll be fun to see there reactions if I do. The overall time to decorate the sweater was around 30-45 minutes. I was doing other things while putting it together.

If you’re having an ugly sweater party you and your friends could have a competition to see who can make the ugliest sweater. You don’t have to buy a sweater, you can use an old one, thrift one, or buy a super cheap one. I didn’t spend much on the one I had, but since I never wore it, decorating it was no problem.

Check out the before and after below:


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