Last Minute Party Planning

Tomorrow is my UGLY SWEATER CHRISTMAS PARTY! After lots of cleaning and running around trying to buy everything, I’m pretty much ready. I love how my sweater turned out, I’ll be posting that tomorrow, but still I have more things to get. First let’s start with my tablescape.


I decided to break out my Christmas dishes that were my mothers for this occasion. Being that it’s a smaller party, I don’t mind washing the dishes. From what you can see, my table is pretty bare and empty. Let me say it’s quite boring. I know it’ll come together once I set up my taco bar and the other appetizers. For now this is the basic set up. The pan will hold my turkey meat for the tacos. The bowls will hold the cheese, salsa, sour cream, and lettuce.


I purchased everything from Target in two different shopping trips. I’m still not done shopping. I have a small list of things I still need to get. I want another box of hot chocolate, another container of sour cream, whip cream, and bottled water. Thankfully my friends are more than happy to bring things for the party so I have friends baking, one bringing appetizers, and another bringing drinks.


Now let’s move on to my hot cocoa bar, which is more of a sweet treats table. I have my hot chocolate and mini marshmallows ready to go. I was going to lay out the hot chocolate packets, but I decided to put them in the cups instead. The middle bowl will hold the marshmallows. The dessert plates are self explanatory and the plate with the doily will have brownies. There’s also ugly sweater cookies and crumb cake.

I want to give  a sweet treat to go for my friends, but I haven’t gotten around to that. Time is winding down, but thankfully I’ll have time at work to pull everything together. I didn’t get much cleaning done Monday night, but I got everything done today so when I come home from work it’ll just be placement of the food.

I’m not sure about the photo booth simply because I haven’t prepped for it, but I could put one together with no problem. I just don’t have a backdrop, but I’m thinking of just using wrapping paper for that. On Christmas Eve I’ll be sharing how everything looked and my whole experience with my first official holiday party. I can’t wait to share with you all. Happy Holidays!

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