Plan With Me: Christmas Week

Welcome to another plan with me. In this plan with me edition I’m planning for CHRISTMAS WEEK! When it comes to planning for a holiday there’s like a competition of who will create the best layout and planning should not be stressful. Planning should be fun and to each its own. Also the spreads do not have to incorporate the traditional red and green. It’s amazing to see all the different Christmas kits in other peoples spreads. Last week I did a winter wonderland theme, which I loved, but this week I’m ready for full out Christmas. Check out the full look of last week below and click the pic for sticker details.


Moving on to this week, I used a set from Fabulously Planned along with stickers/washi from Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I featured this kit from Fabulously Planned in a happy mail post (click HERE for that) and I used another set from Fabulously Planned the week of December 7th-13th.


It took me a little bit longer to create this layout based of the positioning of the washi and the number of full boxes that  had. I ordered the sampler sheet along with the full box sheets. As usual, I wanted my middle section completely covered and with a sampler sheet you get more of a variety. I will say that with this kit from FabulouslyPlanned that I’m not a huge fan of the icon stickers. There were a lot of cleaning icons which I know I won’t be using a lot of. I’d rather have had more TVs, some trash cans, or even more decorative stickers. Still love the kit, just not a huge fan of the icons.

After placing my stickers I realized that I had a lot more to add after I took the picture before the ink. Monday through Wednesday are definitely going to be busy from work to cleaning and last minute shopping. Plus, I’m having an Ugly Sweater Christmas party on Wednesday so I have a lot of prep for that.

Overall I love how the spread turned out and I can’t wait to add to it throughout the week. As for stickers featured in the pic, click the links below:


Check out my detailed plan with me video below and be sure to click the links above! Enjoy & MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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