DIY Christmas Cards

For years I have been doing outreach with my church to a local nursing home. The ministry that I work with provides a church service once a month for the residents from November to May. With any holiday we make gifts for the residents and for the holidays this year we’re providing care packages including lap blankets and toiletries. A lot is handmade such as the cards for every occasion. This DIY is just for that.

I wanted to create a card that would be easy enough for me to duplicate 50 times. Yes, I create anywhere from 40 to 50 gifts per occasion. I usually strive for 50 just to round it out. For this card I didn’t have any white card stock on hand so I used what I had which was photo paper. Lists to items you’ll need are below, plus links:


I based my design off a card design for kids that I found online (CraftyMorning). The lights were to be from fingerprints, but I decided to mix and match the colors and draw them in myself. The loops were easy to draw, I then added little squares up and down and then on top I made a tear drop shape for the light. Another design you could do is draw the lines straight down on the card and then draw circles and they’ll be ornaments instead of lights.


I did draw the lights on the glossy side and on the back I put a scripture, but you could put whatever you want. I then took one of the stamps, which I had received from Hobby Lobby, and I stamped in various spots. Some were messier than others in dealing with glossy paper, but I love the overall look.

So far I only have 10 of these done and 40 to go, but it’s not as time consuming as it looks. Have fun with it, make as many loops or non loops as you’d like. The great thing about DIY cards is that you have complete creative freedom and you can customize any way you want. Happy crafting!

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