Holiday Planning In My Planner

I came across this tag on YouTube via planners MandaPhenom and Boulderbon. There’s the Christmas tag, but I decided to do this one instead since it’s planner related. 10 questions, here we go.

1. Are you decorating for Christmas in your planner for just the week of Christmas or for all of December?

I’ve been decorating for all of December. The week of 11/30-12/6, I did a sweet treats theme. Last week, 12/7-12/13, I did a rosy gold theme with accents of gold Christmas stickers. As for this week, 12/14-12/20, I did a wintery theme. Not so Christmasy, but it’s holiday related.

2. What sticker set are you using to decorate for the week of Christmas and New Years? 

For the week of New Years I honestly don’t have any stickers, but I do have yellow/gold stickers I will be using. I might even mix gold and silver for that layout. I’m not really sure yet. As for Christmas week I’ll be using a Christmas set from the etsy shop Fabulously Planned (check out my haul HERE).


3. How do you store your holiday stickers? Are they separate from the rest of your stickers? 

Al of my Etsy stickers are stored together in a binder. As for other holiday stickers I’ve purchased from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, etc., I have those in a mini binder in sheet protectors separated by occasions/holidays/seasons, etc.

4. What planner/planners do you plan on using in the New Year?

I plan on using the other half of my MAMBI 2015-2016 Happy Planner although I am getting more and more interested in the Erin Condren Life Planner.

5. What’s your favorite holiday sweet treat?

I honestly don’t have one.

6. Do you have a favorite holiday washi?

I don’t have a particular favorite washi, but there is this silver glitter one that I have that I love. I wish I could’ve gotten my hands on the Christmas washi from Dollar Tree.

7. How has planning helped you get ready for the holidays?

I have been able to break down my cleaning/decluttering. It’s been easier to stay on track with weekly/daily to-do’s in my planner. Longer lists work, but to have a “pretty” overview helps.

8. What Christmas movie are you planning on watching?

Any version of A Christmas Carol.

9. NEW YEARS EVE – sparkly dress or fuzzy socks.

I don’t have any plans so team fuzzy socks.

10. What’s your favorite holiday decoration?


I enjoyed these questions with it being a mixture of planner and general holiday questions. Cheers to more planner nerds in 2016.

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