How I Use My Erin Condren Notebook

I fell into the planner craze back in May, but I never purchased the highly publicized Erin Condren life planner. I could never see myself purchasing a planner for $50 so instead I purchased the classic sticker book. The more I got into planning, the more interested I became in the Erin Condren brand. Still couldn’t spend the $50 so instead I purchased the ‘Keep It Simple Notebook.’ Check out my unboxing HERE.

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At first I didn’t want to use it because it was so pretty. I went with a floral cover and as a Happy Planner use I could instantly see and feel the difference in cover quality. I knew I wanted to have a brain dump notebook. No, it didn’t have to run me $22, but for something I wanted to try out, I made the purchase. The only thing I regret was not buying the deluxe for $35 as it came with a pouch and stickers in the back.

The planner has lined and blank pages. For the blank pages I use them as a pinterest type board. Anything I have crafty to do with the kids at my job (check out my project pre-K series HERE) or a design for a room in my house will go there. I like the open space to doodle and draw, etc.

As for the regular pages, I have lists on lists on lists.  From blog prep to Youtube video idea, holiday party prep, and wish lists. I have about two pages that have a list of Etsy stickers I want along with a list of my favorite YouTubers. There’s a lot of pages dedicated to my current blog roll of blogging daily in December. I’ve also been using a lot of my Erin Condren stickers from the classic sticker book to section off parts of the page. I’m trying to make use of all the space I have.

The latest edition I’ve added to my EC notebook is a calendar. I’ll be using the calendar to brainstorm blog posts. For the month of December I wrote them in with pen, but for future months I will write them in with pencil. Behind the calendar I write down all the blog post ideas I have for the month and take it from there. Once an idea is published I check it off the list. As for where I purchased the calendar, I got it from the dollar tree. The paper is thin, but it does the job. Still cheaper than me buying the deluxe EC notebook with the calendar for $50.

Lastly, when it comes to writing utensils I was using Sharpie pens until my black one happened break. Since then I just use regular pens along with my Sharpie Fine Points even though they bleed through. Not horrible, but still a bleed through. Click HERE to check out all variations of the Erin Condren notebooks.

Want to save $10 off your first order. Use my referral link HERE!

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