Plan With Me: December 14th-20th

Welcome to another plan with me! I’ve been super sick courtesy of the spring weather in December which has thrown me off in terms of blogging. I’m back this week with a snowy themed layout. I’ll be doing more of these in January. As for last week, I used a set from the etsy shop Fabulously Planned and I absolutely love how it turned out. It’s not super ‘Christmassy,’ but I love it. Definitely one of my favorite layouts of the year. Be sure to click the pic to check out last weeks plan with me.


This week I centered around the Darice  sticker book ‘Snow & Ice’ along with scrapbook paper that I had precut to fix the boxes of the ‘Good Things Are Going to Happen’ happy planner. As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, this planner has longer boxes. The other versions of the planner, aside from the box kits, have headers similar to that of the Erin Condren Life Planner. The paper I used was difficult to deal with because with it being adhesive paper opposed to typical scrapbook paper it was hard for me to move it around when it wasn’t completely straight. Thankfully I didn’t ruin the layout.

I then went into my sticker binder and found blue headers that would match. I went back to my usual ‘to do’ / ‘today’/ ‘blog’ format. Being that the paper was light blue I also added teal and grey and gold and I just love how it all came together. Other than the checklists, headers, weekend banner, and the other usual stickers I use, all the other stickers are Erin Condren. I never thought I’d use to many EC stickers in one layout, but I love how it turned out. I find myself writing that a lot, but a successful spread means I’ll actually use it.


Be sure to click the links below for to purchase stickers/washi used:

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