On The Go Planner Supplies

Planning has become quite the obsession of mine this year which is clear as it’s taken up a huge portion of my blog. I love sharing my layouts with those that are interest, but all in all, planning has become very therapeutic. I get lost in planning and it relaxes me and I’m not worried about anything else at that moment. Everyone needs that thing where they are in a bubble just being creative. Planning is that for me.

When I first started planning, I got lost in the planner world. It was so overwhelming the amount of people that are into it and the amount that was out there. In fact, there’s even more options now than when I started planning in May. I’ve always used a planner for as long as I can remember and I strongly believe in writing things down opposed to putting everything in my phone. As I take my planner with me now, I keep it beyond simple with my supplies.

With the MAMBI Happy Planner, Sharpie Fine Points bleed through the page. Sharpie pens are fine. Papermate Flares are super thumbs up because it’s a cross between both types of Sharpies mentioned, but they don’t bleed through. The color options are amazing as well. Since I don’t have paper mates I just use my Sharpie Fine Points since I have them in all colors. I then alternate week to week with full box checklists so there would be less bleed through on the pages. I usually just use a black one and a navy one. Those are my favs. Depending on the layout I might add another color or two.

Before then I would carry around a makeup bag that I had received for Christmas and stuff it with pens and other “planner essentials.” The more I carried it, the more I realized I didn’t use it. I still have a few things in it, but it just sits on my Ikea Raskog for now.


Now I just use my purse that my grandmother randomly gave me. It fits both my planner and EC notebook which I carry daily or some days I just carry one or the other. It all depends. In the pocket in the back of the bag I’ll toss my sharpies, and that’s that. Opposed to other bags I have, this bag is not small, but it’s not a huge tote to lug around daily either. It’s a great size and it’s become my every day bag for sure.

Planning does not have to be expensive. You don’t need a Happy Planner an Erin Condren, Filofax, etc,. It’s really about finding a system that works for you, sticking to it, and getting sh*t done. Cheers to that!

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