Personalized Gifts

It’s difficult to shop for someone who has it all. You don’t want to do the typical gift card although cash is always a great option. The person can buy what they want, but you can really give cash anytime of year. Shopping for my grandmother is always the hardest because she really has everything. I have to get creative with gifts, but this year I’m taking the personalized route.

My grandmother, like many grandmothers, save just about everything. Anytime something was made for her by me, my siblings, or cousins, she’d save it. As I get older I know the little things mean the most to her. With my family scattered across the U.S. and abroad, my grandmother is a fan of pictures and loves showing everyone off. Knowing that, I knew exactly which route to take when creating her gift.

With Christmas less than 2 weeks away, I’m running out of time in terms of ordering a gift and making sure it gets here in time. One of my favorite go to websites for customization is Shutterfly. There’s a lot of other similar options such as:

The great thing about sites like Snapfish and Shutterfly is that you could find promo codes online and by searching on YouTube. Then there’s Chatbooks which takes your Instagram photos and puts them in a book for just $8. It creates volumes of your pictures or you can pick and choose which ones you’d want. As for stores like Walgreens, CVS, Target, and Walmart, you can now pick up in store which is a super convenient option this time of year.

As for what I’m creating for my grandmother, I’m going for a calendar. There’s canvases, mugs, photo books, phone cases, pillows, and more. Anything you can put a photo on, you can customize. I’m going for a calendar because most photo books can’t be carried on the go. Also with a calendar, it can be customized by month with a specific persons birthdays, or just a collage of pictures.

Since I am running low on time, I would more and likely do same day pick up with Walgreens. I’ve created previous photo projects with Walgreens and the quality has always been amazing. If I had more time I’d more and likely order from Shutterfly, but I’m interested in trying Snapfish just to check out another platform.

Lastly, I can’t mention personalized gifts without shedding light on Etsy. I frequently shop on Etsy for planner stickers, hence my planner obsession, but Etsy has amazingly talented vendors. If you search enough, you’ll find someone with just what you’re looking for.

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