Project Pre-K: 5 Easy Holiday Projects

Happy Happy Holidays! This time of year I love to create projects with the kids at my job as well as my nephews because the possibilities are endless. In this ‘Project Pre-K’ I’ll be sharing 5 super easy projects for the holidays.

First up, DIY ornaments. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1/2 cup of flour
  • 1/2 cup of salt
  • 1/4 cup of water (give or take)
  • cookie cutters

I found this recipe on Pinterest (the hot spot for all things crafty) and I made about 5 batches of the dough. You could increase the ingredients for how ever much you plan to make. For the amount that I made I was able to get around 7-8 ornaments depending on the shape. I used a star, gingerbread, candy cane, tree, stocking, and snowman. Once all the shapes were cut I put a hole in the top making sure it fully went through. Bake for 3 hours on 200 degrees and you’re good to go.

As far as decorating them you can paint, draw on them, add googly eyes. Let their imagination run wild.  For those students that do not celebrate Christmas you could use winter themed cutters such as the snowman and star and have them decorate. These make great personalized gifts as well.


Next up are four projects created with popsicle sticks. You can use jumbo ones or the regular ones. Since I used the jumbo ones the kids loved that they could really hold what they made. For Hanukkah I created a menorah and dreidel. Some kids painted and others colored with markers. Both work fine. For the menorah the full popsicle sticks were the base and it was easy to cut the rest in half to make the candles. The flame is simply yellow construction paper. For the dreidel, all popsicle sticks are full size minus the handle which was cut in half.


The Christmas tree was a super fun project to make. Its a jumbo tree since it is made with the jumbo popsicle sticks. I then let the kids decorate choosing glitter, glittery pieces of paper, and shapes that I cut into smaller pieces. All trees are topped with a star that’s really a square rectangle. Once the kids were done decorating I added the yarn on the back of the tree with hot glue and I love how it turned out.

Rudolph was the easiest project with three popsicle sticks, googly eyes, and a red pom pom. If you have a jumbo one, cut it down. If you don’t have one at all then cut a circle out of red construction paper. You could also draw in the eyes as well.

Disclaimer: I assembled all four projects with hot glue prior to letting the kids decorating.

Thanks so much for reading, happy crafting, and be sure to check out my previous crafts below:

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