Planner Recap | November 2015

November is officially over and the holiday season is in full swing. I wanted to share my planner recap for November and further discuss what I liked and disliked about my process. Stay tuned to the end for my talk through video! Below are links to my September & October recaps.

Monthly Spread


I won’t spend too much time on this spread since I’ve talked about my monthly planner process before. I have used credit cards from OneOrangeSnowflake to mark my bills before, but this time around I used washi. The solid colored washi made it easy for me to write in my bills which I did with a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point. I accented it with a sticker from the ‘Give Thanks’ sticker book. To mark off my appointments I used washi once again. When it doubt, washi it out.

Stickers/Washi Used:

Week 1: November 2nd-8th


For this layout I used the PineapplePaperCo October Monthly kit. I am apart of the PR team for the Etsy shop so feel free to use my coupon code “LAKIA” for $1 off any purchase. I really liked using the boxes for the middle section. The boxes were made for the Erin Condren Life Planner so I took the full boxes and crossed the colors with half boxes. I wish the kit would’ve come with headers so I just wrote them in an used the checklist. The full boxes are great to layer other stickers and I used the half boxes wot write in my TV shows. The weekend banner I had left over from an ImagineThatByLori kit and all other stickers I’ve used in various other posts.

Stickers/Washi Used:

Week 2: November 9th-15th


This layout is my least favorite of the month. What really threw it off was the black washi tape layered in the sidebar. From now on I will definitely be leaving it blank or putting scrapbook paper. This week was the first week I switched my layout from blog   and personal on top and bottom to the inverse. I was initially going for a black and grey color scheme, but that didn’t work. I tried to salvage it with pops of blue, but it still didn’t work. Sometimes there’s just those weeks where it didn’t work. This happened to be one of them.

Stickers/Washi used:

Week 3: November 16th-November 22nd | Superhero Theme 


This week was created with my nephew in mind. He turned 6 on the 17th so the Superhero theme was for him. I hate kits that don’t come with 8 full boxes. Only having six limited me to just putting the full boxes on Monday through Friday. I like to put them for the full 7 days. I could have mixed and matched them, but I prefer to just cover the entire middle section. Other than that I think the layout turned out pretty cute. An extra box or two would have would have filled it out.

Stickers/washi used / similar styles:

Week 4: November 23rd-29th | Thanksgiving Week


I really loved this spread and it was based around a sampler I received in my order from FabulouslyPlanned. I used adhesive craft paper for the middle section similar to what I’ve done before. I put scrapbook paper on the side. Not much really went on this week so I was able to play around with the stickers. Unlike the first week I took computer paper to cover the bottom and layered the washi tape on top. I had a lot of cleaning and reorganization to do since I had a four day weekend so the checklists worked out great. Cheers to actually getting things done.

Stickers/Washi Used:

Frequently Used Stickers/Washi of the Month: 

Check out my video below where I further discuss my layouts and planning process from the month. Enjoy!

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