Plan With Me: December 7th-13th

Hello and thanks for checking out yet another plan with me here on my blog. I have really enjoyed sharing and creating layouts here on my blog. Last week I featured a cookie theme and I honestly didn’t like how it turned out. Maybe it was me tracing around the stickers a little too much. Or maybe it was that I put the washi on a little crooked and when I went to straighten it out I couldn’t because it ripped the page. Near the weekend it looked a little empty. I’m bummed because I was hoping to score amazing layouts throughout the entire month. Don’t over think when planning. Don’t force a layout, just let it happen. Below is my completed last week. Be sure to click the pic for links to pictures.


This week I used a rose set from the etsy shop Fabulously Planned. I featured a happy mail from this shop and I love that the design of the shop has changed to half sheets for her kits. Half sheets are easier to store which makes them easier to carry on the go. I chose to do a rose layout since Thursday (12/10) would have been my mothers 49th birthday. As a tribute to her I went with roses since her name was Rosa. To add a little Christmas cheer I added Target Dollar Spot stickers.


I switched up my sections from ‘to do’, ‘random’, and ‘blog’ to ‘today’, ‘to do’, and ‘blog’. I didn’t have any washi to match so I used the left over gold glittery paper that I had and cut it for the sidebar and the bottom. I also mix and matched pieces in other places in the layout as well. The stickers really added to the glitter, but I love, love LOVE how this layout turned out. Below are links to stickers that I used along with my plan with me video. Enjoy!

Stickers Used:

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