Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas tree, OH CHRISTMAS TREE! I wanted to share my Christmas decorations in my living room, bedroom, and office. This installment features my Christmas tree in my living room. I had to move furniture around for it to fit, but I love how it turned out.

christmastreeMy least favorite thing about putting up a tree would be fanning out all the branches. My sister does a great job at it, but it’s not really my thing. Once the tree was up, I applied fake snow along with the lights; pretty standard. I haven’t really switched up my color scheme over the years from teal, silver, and red. Next year I want to go all gold with hints of silver.

I had the same color scheme last year: red, silver, and teal, but the key difference was adding the fake snow and the ribbon. I would love a brighter star or an angel on top, but the finished result looks great. This is my first year adding ribbon on a tree, but after seeing DoItOnADime‘s tree on Instagram, I pulled out what I had on hand, layered, and voila.

This was the first tree that I bought in 2013 after I had moved out on my own the previous year. My first Christmas tree was a left over one that my dad had in the attic. I knew by the following year that I wanted a tree of my ow. What better place to find one than at Target. Target is definitely my one stop shop for Christmas/holiday decor. The tree is 6ft tree even though I could have gone a little bigger for my space. There’s always next year.


The extra addition I’ve added to the decor in my living room was finally jazzing up this picture frame from Kohls. I really liked the rustic look it had to it, but I haven’t printed any pictures to hang on it. In the meantime I added some ornaments with the hooks and I’ll fill in with holiday family photos once I print them.

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts on my bedroom and office holiday decor.

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