Plan With Me: November 30th-December 6th

Christmas time, Christmas time, CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE! I love the holiday season, but I’m overly obsessed with Christmas. From the lights to the decorations, I love it all.  Below is the full look of my Thanksgiving week spread from last week. Click the pic for sticker links.


In this plan with me I did a cookie theme. I was debating on whether I wanted to incorporate gingerbreads, but that will be an entirely different theme in itself. I decided mix and match stickers from 3 Darice sticker books: ‘Cookie Exchange,’ ‘Santa’s Soda Fountain,’ and ‘Santa’s Favorites.’ ‘Santa’s Favorites’ really centered around gingerbreads so I ended up primarily using ‘Cookie Exchange.’


I like to mark my Instagram posts and I didn’t really have much space to do so in the bottom section so I made use of the sidebar and put Monday through Friday there. For Saturday and Sunday I found spaces in the boxes.

The Christmas countdown was purchased from Fabulously Planned. This particular  one just comes with the numbers so I layered the sticker with a Lillie Henry sticker. I love the color variation of the stickers, but they’re too long for the width of the box.

I more and likely will be adding more stickers throughout the week I’m just unsure where to add. I also tried to play around with adding washi to the bottom, but I don’t have any to fit my theme so I’ll just leave it as is.  Below are links to the stickers/washi used along with my latest plan with me video. Enjoy!

Stickers/Washi Used:


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