Plan With Me: Thanksgiving Week

Welcome to another edition of Plan With Me. In this week I’m planning for THANKSGIVING! I had this vision in my mind of using the Plaid Pumpkin Darice sticker book, but after looking through my stickers and coming up with the final result, I’m in love. Check out my Superhero spread from last week HERE.



Aside from the Plaid Pumpkin Darice sticker book I really wanted to use the sampler  (shown above) that I received in my order from Fabulously Planned on Etsy. I wanted to make the best use out of the stickers and I decided to use the circles to mark my blog posts for the week and the squares to mark my TV shows. There’s not a lot that I’m watching this week since most of my shows are on a break. The DWTS finale will be on so that’s taking up my Monday and Tuesday and aside from watching football on Thanksgiving, I’ll be hooked to Netflix watching NCIS. For the half boxes I just marked off a few things and I used the banner on the weekend.

I used the adhesive craft paper that I used in a different spread (click HERE for that) to make full boxes for the middle section. The first time I used this paper I did every other box in the middle and a few on the top. This time I really took my time to measure it out and I love how it looks. I was debating on whether or not I wanted to put scrapbook paper in the sidebar and at first I didn’t. After I added it along with a few stickers it really tied the layout together.

I did my washi this time around a little different. The Happy Planner pages come with a design on the bottom and I’ve been layering my washi, but I really didn’t want to do that this time. I thought I had longer strips of sticker paper left over which is a method that xoMamaPlans uses to cover up her dates on top, but I didn’t have that. Instead I just cut some regular printing paper, glued it down, and layered the washi on top.

I absolutely love how this layout turned out. Everything just really worked. There’s a lot of lists, but this week I have a lot cleaning to do so I can decorate for the holidays. Check out my planning process below and be sure to click the links to the stickers below. Enjoy!


Stickers/Washi Used:

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