Plan With Me: November 16th-22nd

I absolutely hated my layout from last week (11/9-11/15), but I surely redeemed myself this week. I had filmed a plan with me video for my spread last week, but I didn’t bother to edit it since I wasn’t a fan. I did post my weekly plan with me and I was waiting for this week to be over so I could focus on the theme for this week, Comics! My nephews birthday is on Tuesday (11/17) so I thought it’d be a great theme for the occasion. It was based around some stickers I had left over and a Marvel sticker pack I purchased from Michaels. First, here’s my full layout from last week:


The kit I used was similar to that of my Steelers themed week (click HERE for that).  I didn’t use many stickers outside of that kit except to mark my TV shows and appointments. I had to use larger stickers in certain areas because there was bleed through from the previous week from my Sharpie fine points. I would like to purchase either the Paper Mate Flare’s or the Frixion Ball Erasable Gel pens. That’s why I prefer full boxes in my spreads.

Since I was going with the Comic theme for this week I realized I had no washi to match. Thankfully the sticker book had a strip that covered the design at the bottom of both pages. Aside from those stickers, all I used were the phrase stickers like
“Thwap” and “Smash.” I might use some more throughout the week.

See my full layout below and click the links below for stickers that’ll allow you to create a similar theme of your own. Enjoy the plan with me video!


Stickers/washi used / similar styles:

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