Happy Planner Revamp

I purchased the ‘Good Things Are Going to Happen’ Happy Planner when it was released back in May. I then purchased the ‘Every Day is a Gift ‘ edition for my friend as a graduation gift shortly after. There were two key differences that I noted between my planner and hers. One was that the Morning/Day/Afternoon were straight across similar to the style of the Erin Condren. In my edition, Morning/Day/Afternoon was written in script, on an angle, just across Monday. The second key difference was that her dividers were designed to fit the holiday of that month. So July would have red/white/blue and December screamed Christmas. Mine on the other hand were bland and boring.

I did purchase the extension pack which I used for May and June since the planner did not begin until July 2015. Despite that I never changed my dividers. I never thought to decorate them until October. October had this blank design and I decided to use scrapbook paper to decorate it along with Darice sticker books. I then did the same for November which I filmed a video for.

I decided to decorate because the design that came with the planner just didn’t match the vibe I was going for in my monthly layouts. It was really simple to do by sizing the scrapbook paper and adding the stickers. I purchased a monthly sticker set from Hobby Lobby and I wasn’t using it in my Monthly layout so it was great to use in the divider. Also it was nice to have the month on the divider and not just the tab which is one thing I love over the ‘Every Day is a Gift’ edition versus the one I purchased. Here’s what I came up with:


Overall I really like how it turned out. I may go back and add to October, but for me it works. I haven’t decided if I want to go back and do the dividers for all the months. I can’t wait to design December. Yes, I’ll be doing a video for that as well. Below are links to items used, my revamp video, and my Happy Planner Review video. Enjoy!

Items Mentioned

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