Planner Recap | October 2015

Another month has come and gone and my favorite month of the year is officially over. I wanted to share my planner layouts of October, similar to how i did in September. As I mentioned in my September post, I got this idea from YouTubers MandaPhenom and PrettyNeatLiving as they both recap their spreads. PrettyNeatLiving does it more so on a monthly basis while MandaPhenom has done it weekly. You can see my September recap HERE.

October Layout

Point Blur_Oct042015_150557

I really was hoping that my October layout would have turned out better than it did since October is my birthday month. I used the ‘Spooky Pumpkin’ Darice sticker book along with a sticker set that I had purchased from Hobby Lobby.  I honestly didn’t look much at my layout for the month of October. I didn’t fill in the amounts of my bills until I did my November layout. Not my favorite, but it wasn’t a complete mess. In the future, I will be putting scrapbook paper in the sidebars and limiting the stickers to fill in the white space. Some are just a bit too much at times.

Stickers/Washi Used:

Week 1 | October 1st-4th | Steelers Theme

I didn’t show this first half of this week in my September recap which I meant to do, but here’s for the second half of the week (10/1-10/4). This was my Steelers spread and it honestly didn’t turn out how I wanted it to. I didn’t really like my placement of stickers. I didn’t really use this week like I wanted to. It compared nothing to my football themed week (September 7th-13th). I really wasn’t a fan of this one at all. Layering the stickers was difficult because when I went to move them I really couldn’t because the full box sticker would be ruined. Not my favorite week. I still have a lot of steelers stickers and scrapbook paper so I’ll be trying again eventually.

Stickers/Washi Used:

Week 2 | October 5th – 11th | Wedding Theme 


This layout was meant to be for my cousins wedding, but it turned out being more pink than anything. This was the second week that I put my TV stickers in the sidebar and I used a kit from ImagineThatByLori. I really do like how this turned out although I would have preferred different wedding stickers. I had enough space to write and everything just really came together nicely. The silver washi tape really added glam and kept it with the wedding “silver” theme I was going for.

Stickers/Washi Used:

Week 3 | October 12th-18th | Birthday Theme


This by far has to be my favorite layout of the month. It actually ranks as one of my top layouts overall. My birthday was October 15th and I went all out for this layout. I used full boxes in the middle section. For this week I started to write my TV shows in than to use the sidebar. I also wanted to track how much water I was using so I put that in the sidebar instead. I will say that having all the stickers really packed up my weekend and it was a bit of an overload. I didn’t have much space to write and I ended up cramming things in. I have to still find that balance of filling things in versus overpacking and having no room. Then again, some weeks are more busy than others.

Stickers/washi used:

Week 4 | October 19th – 25th | Spooky Pumpkin Theme


I’ve mentioned before in previous layouts that I enjoy using the Darice sticker books. i had purchased 3 that were Halloween themed and I dedicated an entire spread to the ‘Spooky Pumpkin’ sticker book. When I first created the layout I hated it. I hated the sidebar, I hated how empty and bland it looked. As the week went on it grew on me as I added more stickers to the sidebars and create bubbles to annotate what happened throughout the week. I wasn’t too crazy about the Erin Condren quote stickers that I added, but looking back at the layout while it’s not my favorite, I was able to salvage it. I also used my planner a lot throughout this week as a way to perfect it. I also see that I make huge to-do lists for Sunday yet noting really gets checked off. Welp, that’s something I need to work on.

Stickers/washi used:

Week 5 | October 26th-November 1st | Halloween Week Theme 

This layout was one of those weeks where while I loved the layout, I was so busy doing other things that I barely looked at my planner. I love how this layout turned out as it was really based on 3 things: scrapbook paper, printables, and a $1 Darice sticker book. For those getting into planning and do not have any Etsy stickers use what you can find around you. There’s a lot of great printables especially from Wendaful and Vintage Glam Studio. You can also join Facebook groups where people share printables as well. The scrapbook paper is cheap and you can get at any scrapbook store. I used textured scrapbook paper because that was what I had on hand. Simple scrapbook paper will do and you can cut them to fit the boxes. I didn’t do exact measurements for mine, I eyeballed it.

I will say that with the printables that I’m not a huge fan of the rounded corner half boxes. If they’re already cut fine, but as far as me cutting them, I’m not a fan, I had to get creative with my half boxes so I ended up making out of left over scrapbook paper. Keep the scraps, they come in handy!

Stickers/washi used:

So sad to see October go, but I’m in full Christmas mode. Expect to see more holiday themed layouts. Check out what I’ve posted for November so far below:

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