Plan With Me | November Layout

November is officially here which means it’s almost time for Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, and Christmas decorations. I like to decorate my tree right before Thanksgiving, but that’s neither here nor there. This plan with me is for my November layout. I like to use my monthly planner to mark any appointments and an overview of my bills. I then refer back to my monthly spread when planning weekly. Check out my October spread HERE.

Planning monthly is easier for me than planning weekly. Sometimes when I plan weekly, I’m such a perfectionist that it can take me up to an hour to plan out my week. Finding the right stickers, washi, and making sure everything is straight. When it comes to my monthly spread it’s easier because I’m just doing an overall view of what’s to come. It’s more of a bullet point. Nothing fancy.


For this month I pulled out my Fall stickers, but centered around the ‘Give Thanks’ Darice sticker book that I also used in my planner layout for November 2nd-8th. I also used scrapbook paper in the sidebar which not only added color, but it layered great with the stickers. The scrapbook paper adds a nice touch and I plan to use it in my future monthly and weekly spreads.

I used my last Sweet Kawaii Design “Bills to Pay” sticker so I’ll have to get creative next month in tracking my top priority bills. I also ran out of the One Orange Snowflake credit card stickers that I frequently used so to mark my bills I used orange washi and leaf stickers from a sheet I purchased from Hobby Lobby. This layout is very simple, but it works. I didn’t overcrowd, just kept the basics: bills and appointments. Oh and of course, my Steelers games.

Check out the full layout below along with links to stickers/washi used. Enjoy!


Stickers/Washi Used:

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