Happy Mail | Pineapple Paper Co.

I was lucky and fortunate enough to be chosen as a PR member for the Etsy shop Pineapple Paper Co. There are a lot of changes that are happening with the brand and I’m excited to share what’s to come with the shop here on the blog and on my Instagram, @chaoticcritic so be sure to follow along. I wanted to share the welcome package with you all since I’ll be using the stickers in my upcoming plan with me.



The owner, Lizzy, sent 8 sheets of stickers and I cannot wait to use them. The layout for the upcoming week will be the fall sampler sheet along with the full and half boxes. I went back and took some of the October sampler stickers and put them in my previous weeks. I did a previous fall layout for the week of September 21st-27th, but another orange and brown layout should be interesting. Also I’ll be using a Chevron print in the following week (11/9 – 11/15) for a Lung Cancer theme so that’ll be fun.

Opposed to other samplers, this one is pretty basic. It doesn’t have icons, but if you have icons or want to draw your own in you can. There’s also no weekend banner, but the sampler is versatile for the month of October as the sheet says, but works well in November as well. Don’t limit yourself to using a sampler for a specific month. Spread out your colors and have fun.


The other stickers that she sent will be great for when I do “blue/teal” layouts; especially the weekend banners. the blog banners I’ll try to fit in with my current layouts, but use the fainter blue shades. You’ll also see the updates for the shop throughout my layouts with the stickers sent. Lasty I love the birthday cakes, but my favorite is the laundry sheet. For those that love big stickers or little ones, you get the best of both worlds with this sheet. Also having an array of colors makes easier to apply to any layout. Stickers such as laundry and birthday, even trash cans and TVs, are  great to have on hand because you know that you’ll use them. I really love that this laundry sheet comes in the two different sizes.

The Etsy shop will reopen as of Monday, 11/2, and the website is scheduled to launch on November 6th. Of course I’ll be sharing lots more information on the shop throughout the months. To keep up with all Pineapple Paper Co. updates be sure to follow the links below:

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