DIY Captain America Costume | Halloween 2015

Halloween is officially here! People have stormed Party City for what’s left, the candy will be on significant discount by Monday, and October will officially be over. Plus, here in the U.S. we’ll be “gaining” an extra hour or sleep due to the time change. That’s neither here nor there, let’s get into my costume for this year.


I didn’t want to go out and buy a costume so I decided to make use of my Captain America shirt (featured in my Spring haul). In putting the outfit together I knew that I’d be wearing jeans and boots to work, but I needed to make a shield and I wanted a skirt. The shield was the hardest thing to make simply because I could not find a foam board. You could buy one from the dollar store and the paint I used was under $1 each. The paint can be purchased from any craft store in your area.



I had my friend help me with my shield as far as drawing the circles and painting. I do not have the steadies hand to do that. As for the star, I printed one out and I had another friend help me with the glitter. I think adding the glitter really added the special touch. I connected the star to the middle with a glue gun and so that glitter didn’t get everywhere I put a semi thick coat of matte mod podgeYou can buy mod podge for just $1 in the Target Dollar Spot or in most local craft stores.

I applied elastic to the back of the shield with a glue gun. I didn’t do any specific measurements, just eyeballed it. I knew that it’d be easier for me to have as a backpack opposed to a shield for my arm. I could have made it smaller which would have been easier to carry around when I went bar hopping, but it wasn’t that bad.

As for the skirt, I purchased it from Joyce Leslie for nearly $20. It had a ballerina feel to it as this bouncer called my Captain America as a ballerina. Hey, I’ll take it. The great thing about the skirt is that I’ll be able to wear it again. I already have a Christmas outfit in my head. It wasn’t red, red, but due to the color of my shirt, it worked. For the night out I just added my leather jacket, some silver hoops, and I was good to go.

What I loved most about this outfit was how easily I was able to transition it from day to night by simply adding the skirt. The shirt I had purchased from Hot Topic which was around $10 in a 2/$20 deal. Something like that. As for what I added including the board, paint, and skirt it all came to around $20. Not bad for a costume. Both the shirt and skirt I’ll be able to wear again. As for my shield, I’ll find a place in my office for it.

Here’s the video I looked at to make the shield. YouTube is a great guide for DIY! Until next year.


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