Project Pre-K: Monster Window

Aside from blogging which would be an ideal dream job in my head, my full-time job is working with preschoolers. My favorite part of my job is definitely the projects. I’ve also helped decorating other rooms in the daycare and I’ll be sharing those during this new series on my blog, Project Pre-K. These projects are target towards Pre-K students, but could be simplified for toddlers as well.

This bulletin board theme, although mine is on a window, is Halloween themed. The monsters used were copied from a coloring book, but you can make your own monsters with contraction paper or print different coloring pages online. Here’s some of my favs from Dabbles & Babbles, ‘Monster Coloring Page.’ Crafty Bee Creations also has a great

The key to this project is having the kids make their own monsters. I laid out googly eyes, dot markers, crayons, regular markets, and tissue paper for the kids to design their own monsters. They had the choice of drawing everything or adding to it, From the finished result, it was a little bit of both, but the older pre-k kids (4-year-olds) really enjoyed the huge googly eyes. The best and easiest thing about creating monsters is that the kids can go wild with it and have their monsters have 10 eyes or none.

Whether you are doing this project with your child or a group of kids this monster could easily be turned into a magnet to hang on the fridge. For those that are doing the bulletin board look the background could be one solid color or you could create different globs of colors and layer them. The title I used was “Calling All The Monsters” and I created a speech bubble and the 4-year-olds wrote their names while the with the 3-year-olds I did hand over hand. The letters were cut using an Ellison machine, but if you do not have one you can freehand letters or print them out online. The phone was drawn by one of my coworkers on construction paper. I didn’t really estimate the size so thankfully she’ll make me a larger one.

With adding the speech bubbles the kids can easily identify which one is theirs and show it to their parents when they enter/exit the building.

I love doing projects with not only the kids at my jobs, but my nephews which I’ll be sharing as well. Some of these projects will be centered around bulletin boards, but also projects that will be gifted to parents. I love drawing inspiration from Pinterest as well, but I love to take things a step further and add my own twist. Credit will be given when due. I’m excited to share this side of my world with my readers. Welcome to Project Pre-K!

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