Plan With Me: October 19th-25th

Welcome to another plan with me. Last week was my birthday spread and I absolutely love how it turned out. I used a lot of pink (#gopink) which coordinated well with the previous week I  did as well. In creating my layout for this upcoming week I enjoyed using the full boxes. When writing on them into the next week there’s no bleed through. It makes it easier to use the Sharpie Fine Points. Check out my spread completely filled out below and click HERE!


In planning for this week I used a Darice sticker book, “Spooky Pumpkin” which I had also used in my October layout. As noted above, I really liked using the full box stickers, but for this spread I didn’t have any. I stuck with the color scheme of black, orange, and yellow. I would have added in some orange washi tape, but the one I have is a bit sheer so I stuck to black.

Initially when planning I had added ghost washi tape on the bottom, but as I continued with the orange/yellow color scheme, I took it off and stuck to the black washi tape. I wanted to do something different in my sidebar and not the traditional TV show stickers I use. I used the TV stickers from RorysSweetAddictions and layered them with large circular dots that I have from the Michaels Recollections calendar stickers.

I usually don’t like long To-Do lists, but this week I hope to fully use them. I have found that while I like shorter to-do lists, the first three days of the week are pretty busy. I also was shorthanded on headers which is something I plan to purchase from Etsy soon, so I used the plain pumpkins and just wrote in To-Do.

The layout overall is pretty empty, but I can’t wait to add and layer throughout the week. Direct links to stickers/washi used will be below along with my weekly video. Enjoy!


Stickers/Washi Used:

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