Plan With Me: October 5th-11th

Welcome to another plan with me. My blog has been on planner overload as of late, mainly because it’s therapeutic. No worries, there will be more variety back in rotation soon. I’ll be adding my Motivational Mondays at least every other week as well as spotlighting some of my music and TV moments of the week. Just a thought, let’s see how it works out. Getting back to planning, click HERE for my October layout.

A lot of the stickers I use on a weekly basis include my TV sticker, YouTube, and Bill Due. Of course, I can’t forget to mark garbage days. I love making to-do lists the night before instead of filling things out completely in the planning process. If it’s something definite I will fill in, but so that I’m not writing just to write I make my to-do lists nightly.


Stickers/Washi used:

This week I’ll be attending a wedding on October 10th so I’ve had this planner spread in mind for quite some time. I focused it around stickers that I purchased from ImagineThatByLori on Etsy along with wedding stickers from AC Moore. I wanted to create a spread that would support Breast Cancer Awareness and this spread does just that and the pink works well with the wedding stickers I incorporated as well. I love the glitter washi tape that I purchased in a holiday set and it adds a lot more pizazz to the layout. 

One of the greatest features of my layout the past few weeks would definitely be the sidebar. Until I purchase the TV stickers that I want from FasyShop on Etsy, my sidebar set-up will suffice. The FasyShop stickers are thin and will not take up much space day to day in the spread, but the stickers I created surely would. Click HERE if you’re interested in downloading the stickers I use.

I really love how this layout turned out and I can’t wait to add more to it. For current updates on what I add to my planner, follow me on instagram, @ChaoticCritic. Enjoy the video below!

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