Plan With Me | October Layout

HELLO OCTOBER! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, aside from Christmas, because it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH. This year is flying by and it’s time for another monthly plan with me. You can click HERE to see how I planned in September.

When it comes to monthly planning figure out exactly what you want to mark down. Some might use it to keep track of every little thing even though space wise, it’s not completely practical. While it takes me longer to figure out how I want to plan on a weekly basis, I pretty much have my monthly layout down to a Science. My monthly layouts are generally the same. I mark my football games, bills, gas, appointments, birthdays, and of course PAY DAY. It might look busy, but when it comes to planning weekly, I refer to my monthly calendar. I was debating on whether or not I wanted to do a birthday themed month or a Halloween theme and I ended up going with Halloween.

Stickers that I have been using monthly include a “Bill Due” list from SweetKawaiiDesign and the credit card stickers from OneOrangeSnowflake. I’m looking into buying stickers from other Etsy shops, but there’s some that I have to restock from. As for the washi tape that I used, it was a set from AC Moore, but since AC Moore is not in a lot of locations, I have found the same/similar styles on Etsy.

I’ve been loving the Darice sticker books and I have two Halloween themed Plan With Me’s coming up on the blog at the end of October, but for the monthly layout I used the “Spooky Pumpkin” sticker book here and there. I also cut up stickers from a monthly kit from Hobby Lobby. Enjoy the video above and all stickers/washi are listed below.

Stickers/Washi Used:

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