Erin Condren Unboxing

I took the plunge and make an official Erin Condren purchase. Official as in, something I can actually write in.  My first purchase was the classic sticker book. With that purchase I received some freebies along with a $10 off my next purchase. So I decided to go ahead and purchase the notebook. I still can’t justify paying $50 for a planner.

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I wanted to use the $10 off coupon code and there was a limited time promotion on the interchangeable covers, BOGO, buy one, get one. I first went and put two covers, plus the simple notebook in my cart, but the additional covers weren’t necessary for me right now. If it was a planner, that’d be different. So I was stuck between whether I wanted to buy the “Keep It Simple” notebook or the “Deluxe” notebook. The “Keep It Simple” notebook was $22 while the “Deluxe” was $35. In adding the monthly calendar for an additional $15, that’d bring the deluxe cost to $50, same price as a life planner. Both planners come in either 7″ x 9″ or the traditional 8.5″ x 11″. I opted for the smaller size and I really didn’t want to pay $35 for a notebook.

While I love how customizable my Me & My Big Ideas Happy Planner is, Erin Condren’s customization should not be ignored. You can customize not only the cover, but you can customize stickers, even going as far as adding pictures. Also, the cover durability is AMAZING and it comes with both front and back which when ordering the Happy Planner covers, you only get the front. Also there’s so many different variations of products outside of the notebook including cult favorites:

As I have received my “Keep It Simple” notebook, I’m probably going to be ordering the deluxe before the year is over. I’m using the notebook as a brain dump notebook, but I love the extra perks of the deluxe. For the additional $8, you’d receive two sheets of blank stickers, a double-sided “keep it together” folder and a pouch in the back. I should have purchased the deluxe which, including shipping, would have came to around $35.

Also with shipping, I don’t see the big deal of the whole $9.99. I paid the standard $7.99 and received my notebook very quickly. I ordered on September 14th and it wasn’t supposed to ship until the week of September 21st. I received it Saturday, September 19th, way ahead of the expected scheduled shipment.

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In addition to the notebook, I purchased the “customizable event stickers” and customized them for an additional $2, so $4 total. I also purchased the “designer do it all dots” for $4. As noted, I’m in love with the quality of the cover, but I’m not a fan of that ruler. I took it off to try to put it inside of the notebook and that was a fail. I also wish the notebook had more blank pages. Still in all, great quality for $22. You could also purchase the “ready to ship” version for $16 and just purchase an additional cover for $10.95, $15.95 for metallic, if interested.

For those that aren’t into daily planning, I highly recommend the EC Deluxe Notebook with the calendar added in. Also there’s dividers that are sold for $6 each or there are “ready to ship” packs sold for $14. I will for sure be making another Erin Condren purchase. $35 for the deluxe notebook and what it comes with really isn’t a bad price at all. My birthday IS right around the corner.


IMG_2235 IMG_2231

Want to save $10 off your first order. Use my referral link HERE!

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