Sound OFF: Road to 7?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have redeemed themselves from a sloppy game in the first week against the Super Bowl champs, the New England Patriots. Thankfully the game wasn’t a blowout (28-21), but the as a fan, the momentum of the team is disappointing. The  team can be on a roll and then no scoring in the next quarter. Are the Steelers really being beat, or are they beating themselves?

I could sit here and type away and talk about all the titles we have and all the amazing athletes that have been on the team, but I won’t. To get that covenant #7, the Steelers need to play every single game like its the Super Bowl. EVERY SINGLE GAME! They can’t continue to come out one week and be sloppy (vs. Patriots), then on the home field be dominant. There has to be some consistency. I am a little biased? Of course, I’m a fan. There’s sometimes I feel Antonio Brown has gotten touchdowns yet they were taken away. I’m no expert, just a spectator, so it is what it is.

Back to the momentum and the energy of the team, it really kills me that they will be ahead of the other team and then just give points away. I can see the shift in energy when the team gets extremely comfortable as if it’s not the middle of the 3rd and there’s plenty of time left. The team has to continue to play hard and play smart offense and defense. Also they have to CONVERT. CONVERTING EQUALS POINTS! This is what I mean by the Steelers beating themselves.

In game 1 against the Patriots, the Steelers were sloppy. Let’s state the obvious, how could you leave a player like Gronkowski WIDE OPEN?! They didn’t lose because of the rain. They didn’t lose because of the Patriots taking over the headsets. They lost because we sucked. We didn’t decided toe tart playing until the 4th quarter with 2 minutes left and then when we could’ve actually tied, game over. The excuses that were made are really irrelevant. A loss is a loss and we LOST!

Could the Steelers win it all? I mean it is week 2 and we’re 1-1, so it’s a little early to really predict. Could this be the road to 7? If the Steelers continue to play hard, fast, efficient football and CONVERT then yes, the team can make it very far. The key to the Steelers is consistency. We have a great offense and the defense is getting there. Without it, we’ll always be stuck with 6.

Don’t mind me. Just a spectating fan (if that’s a thing).

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