Plan With Me: September 14th-20th

Cheers to another 4-day work week. In this plan with me I went for a back to school theme, but let me share the before and after of last weeks plan with me first. Click HERE for that.



As the week went on I added more stickers here and there and my football inspired spread is by far my favorite that I’ve created. This week was different. I received my order from Happy Doodle Stickers and while I really love the stickers, it’s the middle of September now so I didn’t stick to my initial plan of a full Back to School theme. There were technical difficulties on their end so I did have to wait a bit longer to receive my order. Here’s the sheets I ordered from Happy Doodle (excuse the missing stickers).


Since I was going for the elementary theme, I also added some owls and I used the colored pencil list pad from Target. I was initially using the sticky note set, but it was just easier and faster with the list pad. Of course I had to add my football touches here and there. I marked my brothers game, my Steelers game, and I added a huge WWE sticker to mark the pay-per-view that’s on Sunday (9/20). Unfortunately, ImagineThatByLori who sells the football schedule stickers, no longer has them available in her shop.

I also used a set from Pixels and Poppies which I’ve featured on the blog before. While I absolutely love the quality of the paper and the stickers, I tried moving one and there was a lot of color fallout. My paper was stained and I had to move the stickers back to where they initially were. I love the sets that they offer, I just wasn’t expecting to have stained pages in moving the stickers.

Enjoy the layout below and be sure to click the links to directly purchase stickers that are still available. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for videos on my planning process and for daily updates follow my Instagram, @ChaoticCritic!

IMG_2153Stickers Used:

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