14 Years Ago | Remembering 9/11

I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to write this or whether I wanted to share where I was and how I felt on September 11, 2001. With it being 14 years, while I can’t remember everything from my childhood, I remember that day vividly.

It was the beginning of my 5th grade year and as the oldest grade in the school, I was on cloud nine. Every one would be looking up to us and next year I’d be off to middle school. There were pipes being fixed outside of my house as I headed off to meet with my friend to walk to school. My school was about 15-20 minutes away from my house and was a straight walk up the street.

School was school and I wasn’t a huge fan of my 5th grade teacher at all. It was just another normal day, but then we felt the building shake. I looked around to see if anyone else felt that and they did so I knew I wasn’t going crazy. Come to find out it was a plane that flew over the school. Why was it low enough to shake the building in the first place? Within minutes we would all find out.

I don’t remember the subject we were working on and I don’t remember the exact time. All I know is that over the intercom it was announced for teachers to lock their doors and keep students in the classroom. My teacher called down to the office and from there it was chaos.

My teacher especially was freaking out because her son worked in the twin towers. She couldn’t get a hold of him after constant attempts of calling him. The class stopped and nothing happened from there. Lunch went on and then by recess parents were swarming the school picking up their kids in a frenzy.

My parents were both postal workers at work 30 minutes away and my grandmother was at my house so if anyone was going to pick me up that didn’t happen. School was not dismissed early, but the rest of the day was really a fog. I clearly remember the building shaking and then recess with my friends leaving.

I walked straight home that day after school was let out at 3pm and once I got home I sat down and watched everything that I had been hearing all day. The twin towers in New York City, which I had never seen up close before, had been hit by planes and were down. As an almost 10 year old I was automatically horrified to ever get on a plane. The rest of the day that’s all that was on TV and I couldn’t stop watching.

I stil can’t believe that it’s been 14 years since it’s happened when it seems like it was just yesterday. I was contemplating on whether to write my thoughts about 9/11 because I was so young when it happened yet I was aware of how serious it was. The country was attacked and for year after people lived in fear of another terroristic attack.

For all those people that lost someone whether they were in the building, the Pentagon, the plane, or a responder to help those that were in trouble, my heart hurts for them. It’s hard to lose someone you love regardless of the circumstance. When someone has cancer, you struggle to deal with whether they will live to the next day knowing it’s a deadly disease. What hurts about losing someone during 9/11 was that it was just another day. Those people on the plane had a destination. Those people in the twin towers and in the Pentagon had a job to do. The first responders were ready for whatever they needed, but I doubt they were expecting the tragedy that shocked and rocked the nation.

As Americans stood together to comfort and support each other I look at today and it’s a scary world we live in. The news does not show everything and as someone who’s studied journalism, a lot of the information is chopped and screwed. At 24 years old my dream is to be comfortable with a family and fully into my career within the next 7-10 years. That’s the real dream. Instead, I fear what could happen now. I fear people in this country attacking one another in what could be a massacre.

I pray for this country, the people in it, and the world. I pray we can once again stand together and help each other instead of fighting and killing each other.

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