Plan With Me: September Spread

I wanted to begin to share with you guys how I plan my monthly calendar.  For those who are new readers or viewers to my videos, I use the Me & My Big Ideas Happy Planner which you can purchase HERE. I see a lot of people using it to track bills, events of the month, or not using it at all. I use mine to mark appointments, days off, bills, and my football games. Since my brothers football season is starting up I found a creative way to mark his as well. Here’s a close up of items I used:


I didn’t go to crazy and I pretty much have a system of how I like my month to look The two main things I added to my planner this time around were my brothers football games and when the fall TV shows would be coming back on. Most of those are in late September and I wanted to have a them all marked so I could remember. I love how it turned out.

I also ran out of my Michaels calendar stickers from the Recollections line. I’ve used a lot of them in my monthly and weekly spread so since I ran out I used one of the neon dots I purchased from Target (purchase HERE). Although I’d like to have another set of those stickers, the neon dots work fine and you can get the set for under $2.

Take a look at the whole planning process below plus enjoy my rambling. As always links to stickers used will be linked below plus a close up of the layout and my planner playlist. ENJOY!


Stickers Used:

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