Plan With Me: August 31st – September 6th

I’ve really been enjoying sharing my planner obsession here on my blog. I went into this week not really knowing how I wanted to plan. I also did not want to use a lot of stickers so that I could have more room to write. Well, I ended up going with a jungle theme and the stickers are huge. Yet, I left plenty of space to write. I usually share what my planner looks like filled in, but to see that be sure to check out my blog for mid week and end of week updates. I’ll also be sharing my blog post completely filled in with each new plan with me.

As noted, the stickers are huge. With them being so big I tried to space them sa evenly as I could. With them being so big the layout looks even brighter than I expected. I kept my to do lists simple using a printable so that the focus could really be on the stickers. I’ll fill everything in with colorful sharpies/pens for sure. I have a little bit of space left in my sidebar which I might use for a “to clean” list.

Before the month is over, I’ll be “Going Gold” in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness month. I’ll also be doing a layout in support of Breast Cancer Awareness (October) and Lung Cancer Awareness (November). Planning is a great way to not only keep track of your daily to-dos/events, but it also serves as a journal. For those that are not even into decorating, looking back at your planner really shows just how far you’ve come overtime. View it as an on the go scrapbook. Also, at the end of the year I’ll be sharing a video of every single spread that I’ve done since May.

As always, direct links to stickers are listed below along with a full video. I’ve also added my planner playlist. To keep up with all the additions to my layout throughout the week, follow me on instagram @ChaoticCritic. Enjoy!




Stickers Used:

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