Plan With Me: August 24th-30th

Welcome to another Plan With Me. With this theme I went for an underwater/beach theme. It’s the last full week of August so I wanted to do a underwater theme along with incorporating my most likely last beach day of the Summer. I centered my theme around the “Little Mermaid” sticker book that I purchased from Michaels in addition to two other darice sticker books I had. One was “Ahoy!” while the other was “Mermaid Tails.” I ended up using the bubbles from the “Mermaid Tails” sticker book because they were just more vibrant and more visible than the other set. I didn’t want to get too crazy with the mermaids, but I wanted the stickers to be the focal point.

When getting into planning it should be noted that you do not have to go out and spend a lot of money on stickers. When I first started planning I would go to the dollar tree and I scored all of their paper tape in one shopping trip so that was a plus. I also purchased some owl stickers in that transaction but I didn’t pay over $10. Also before I got into Etsy stickers I purchased the neon labels and neon dots from Target. I still use them and they’re great to add not only color, but to organize events you have. You can get both for under $5. Purchase them HERE.

It’s great to use stickers when you don’t have a lot going on during the week. I’m most busy Monday through Wednesday while I use Sunday to prep for the following week. I wanted to get back into using the sticker books I’ve accumulated from Michaels and I’ve been having fun doing so.

I also featured a haul from the Etsy shop Pixel & Poppies. I placed an order in late July and there was a delay in it getting to me, but it was worth the wait. I purchased three sheets and she sent me extras. I absolutely love the quality. The shop is currently closed until August 31st, but I’ve noted the stickers purchased.

“Steelers Theme”
“Colts Theme”
“Superhero Theme”

Below, of course, are links to purchase all items mentioned. The specific sticker books mentioned were hard to find, but I found a site that sells Darice sticker books for the same price as Michaels. I wouldn’t advice paying $4 for a sticker book as people buy and resell them. Try searching online for a cheaper option. As always, I’ve linked below my planner playlist. Enjoy!

Items Featured:


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