Sticker Storage + Collection

I love to see how others store their stickers and when it comes to my set up I have a few systems.


It all began with my storage box that after I had began to accumulate Etsy stickers. From there I found that it wasn’t as organized as I’d like it to be which is when I started organizing my stickers by Etsy shop in an expanding file folder I had lying around my house. My sticker collection continued to grow and from watching other Target Dollar Spot videos plus seeing pics on Instagram, I hunted down one of Targets $3 binders. I recently picked up the sheet protectors from Staples since my local Target had none in stock. I had my Arc Junior which I used once as a planner (check that out here). I have a sticker tutorial coming up on how I compiled all of my $1 sticker books from Michaels using an Arc Junior and my old covers and standard rings from my Me & My Big Ideas, The Happy Planner (purchase here).

Storage Used (click links below to purchase)

+Expanding File Folder
+Photo Box 
+Mini Binder 
+Sheet Protectors
+Post-It Pockets (small) 
+Arc Junior 
+Levenger Hole Punch 
+Pencil Boxes can be found at Target / Staples for $1

Check out the storage/collection video below, plus my planner playlist and pictures. Enjoy!

Mini Binder + Sheet Protectors
               Mini Binder + Sheet Protectors
        Discbound Sticker Books
                                                                           Sticker Box
                                                                     Football Stickers
  Expanding File Folder Categorized by Etsy Store

6 thoughts on “Sticker Storage + Collection

  1. I need to organize my stickers too. Thanks for the ideas. Heading to staples today actually. My one accordion file is busting at the seems lol

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