Sound OFF: Ciara x Russell Wilson x Baby Future

Training camp has started which means football season is around the corner. Hurray! There’s been plenty of coverage of what’s going on during the training camps from the various teams. Two pictures in particular that are floating around is that of Ciara, Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks, and Baby Future. They were spotted a couple weeks ago at the San Diego Zoo looking like a cute little family. Yet, a lot are bashing Ciara for bring her son around her boyfriend. Is it too soon?

Ciara has clearly moved on from her very public relationship to Future. I really thought and hoped that they would last. They genuinely seemed in love with each other and it’s not to say that there was no love ever there. When marriage comes up and babies get involved, you see the real in a person. People grow and see their lives in a different direction. Ciara also got into a relationship with a man who has multiple children with different women. Kudos to him for providing for all, but that was a red flag right there. It’s better they called it quits before they got married and divorced within a year.

It’s a bitter breakup between Ciara and Future and it’s clear to see since they have been in quite a social media war. Future has talked about their relationship in interviews and vice versa. Why can’t people just break up and leave it at that? Especially with a kid involved, the person you keep mentioning over and over couldn’t have been that bad. Ciara and Future have a child together. The main focus needs to be parenting their son.

Ciara has always gravitated towards that high profile relationship and her relationships have gone on to not only speak through her music, but overshadow her career. She had a public relationship with Bow Wow which led to tracks on Evolution such as ‘Like a Boy’ and ‘So Hard.’ Then she was linked to 50 Cent and they had a track ‘Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone.’ Then she got with Future, released an amazing track and video for ‘Body Party’ then they break up and she releases ‘I Bet.’ Now she’s with Russell Wilson and I’m really hoping things work out. I genuinely wish the best for her, but is it too soon for Russell to be around baby Future?

The relationship between Ciara and Russell went public in April and Baby Future is now a year old. She ended her engagement with future a year ago so she didn’t just jump into a relationship. I get it that her son comes with her, they’re a packaged deal, and Russell accepts that, but what if they don’t work out? What if she moves on to someone else? Will he be meeting every single guy that she’s with.

I honestly think that if Ciara and Russell work out that it will be a dream for her. I think she’s always wanted to be a baller wife. There’s a slight age difference, 3 years, but if they are really committed to making things work then it will. I think that she should cool off with Russell around Baby Future for the simple fact that if things don’t work out and she moves on, then what? The new guy gets full access? I know she’s there and with him, but still.

I think there’d be a further debate if the two were to live with each other. As long as Future still gets to see his son and he and Ciara stay cordial with each other, I think everything will be fine. It is also to be noted that Future is not cool with Russell being around his son and if he were to move on he’d have to respect Ciara’s wishes of not wanting another woman around her son. Again, I really hope these two work out. Only time will tell. Congrats to Russell on his $80+ million dollar contract.

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