Sound OFF: Hot 97 versus Power 105.1

Welcome to a new series here on the blog. Since rebranding and renaming my blog Chaotic Critic, I’ve done a lot of planner and other lifestyle posts, but the essence of the name has yet to be showcased. I still want to do reviews and give my take on certain life topics, but there’s so much going on in the blogosphere, on the news, via Twitter or Instagram, that I want to share my thoughts. These are my opinions, no holds barred, real talk.

Let’s get into the never ending beef between NY stations Hot 97 and Power 105.1. Quick facts about the stations.

  • Hot 97 was created in the 1940s and is owned to this day by Emmis Communications, but became the center of Hip Hop in he late 80s.
  • Power 105.1 is the big dog since it’s owned by iHeartMedia. The station was created in the 1950s yet wasn’t known as its current name until the new millennium, 2002 to be exact.
  • The stations don’t like each other especially the morning shows;  “Ebro In The Morning” (Hot 97) and “The Breakfast Club” (Power 105.1)
  • Power 105.1 acquired “The Voice of New York,” Angie Martinez. No bad blood with Hot 97 on that.

In simpler terms Power 105.1 is like a Whole Foods compared to your local corner store, Hot 97, for the simple fact that it’s a part of a franchise. The thing is while people might frequent Whole Foods they still go back to their local store. Hot 97 is known for the best of Hip Hop and produced one of the best interviews, Angie Martinez.  As noted, Angie has since moved to Power 105 more so for expansion and growth in her career. Great for her.

There’s been  lot of moving and shaking on Hot 97 with Ebro coming from behind the scenes to the front and renaming the morning show, “Ebro In The Morning.” Also K Foxx was dropped, or she left, whatever, and was replaced by Laura Stylez. Being that Angie left there’s newcomer Nessa taking her spot and in the afternoon there’s still the bomb dropper, Funk Master Flex. Before Angie moved to Power 105, all they had was “The Breakfast Club” which consists of DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God, and Angela Yee. That’s been going pretty strong since its creation in 2010. Other than that, it was a snooze fest.

The current round of beef between the two stations stems from the beef between Meek Mill and Drake. That’s a sound off for another time. So Drake drops his diss track, “Charged Up,” and Funk Master Flex, being Funk Master Flex of course went in on Drake. He even went as far as to hint at an exclusive dropping Monday (7/27) at 7pm, yet nothing dropped. Sucks for Flex as he is known not only for controversy, but he’s had his share of exclusives. Still nothing to be heard from Meek Mill. Was Flex lying? Did he really have a connect to this exclusivity?

So Charlamagne tha God, for those who don’t remember, this man was WENDY WILLIAMS’ SIDEKICK. He is a PROFESSIONAL shit talker and shade thrower. With all the years he spent with Wendy, how could he not be? At times he makes a lot of valid points other times he’s a complete ass. Well, most of the time he’s a complete ass. He’s known for his daily segment “Donkey of the Day” and being that Hot 97 didn’t get the exclusive they anticipated, why not throw shade? Why not throw Funk Master Flex under the bus? Why not be the ass he is? I think at times he’s the real DAILY DONKEY of the Day, but here’s what he had to say about Flex.

Now Charlamagne went all the way in even going as far to compare the failure to produce this exclusive to the allegations of Bill Cosby and the recent scandal of Hulk Hogan. Punk Faker Flex. Flex Hogan. Clever, very clever, Charlamagne. He had valid points, but did he go too far? Did he really have to rant for over 7 minutes on someone he claims is irrelevant?

He keeps talking about reaching for ratings and yes Power 105 is in a position different than that of Hot 97 simply because of who their “parent” is. Hell if your parent has all the money and then you have someone who’s floating and just making it, then yeah, you’d have the connect to what’s hot. Money is the motive. That’s what it will always boil down to. I mean he had the church music playing and all this extra, extra, Charlamagne bullshit. Typical Charlamagne fashion.

I hadn’t heard what Charlamagne had said as I switch back and forth between the two stations, but I did hear Ebro’s response. Now I will say that Hot 97 is nowhere near as mainstream as Power 105.1. I actually enjoy their morning show a bit better than 105’s, but the interviews are what keep me entertained to either station. Ebro didn’t take the shade lightly and had this to say:

Regardless, the winner of this battle is definitely Power 105. As much as I can’t stand Charlamagne, he spit facts, repetitive, but facts. It didn’t have to be nearly 10 minutes, but marketing wise and keeping that audience high, he had to do it, just like that. Now Ebro can say something HUGE is coming in 2016 and listeners will just have to wait to see what the huge thing is. If they stick around. Hell, if they remember. For right now, I think everyone is still waiting for this Meek Mill response regardless of who debuts it. Hell, it’ll leak online before it hits the radio waves.

Although Power 105 won the battle, this war is far from over. Flex jumped off the cliff with this one though. He dug a hole and passed Charlamagne the shovel to bury him. Unless he had the track on deck, ready to play, then he should’ve kept his mouth shut. Now he’s out here looking stupid, which isn’t the first time. Dumb move on his part. Point to 105.

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