Wellness Wednesday (V.11): Whole 30 Update!

So it’s Day 10 of Whole 30 and I’m feeling alright. I actually felt better last week. Read more on why I’ve started Whole 30 HERE. I’ve posted a video explaining more of what Whole 30 is along with my experience of the week. Here’s some highlights.

  • WATER IS NEEDED! Without water I’ve felt very weak and shaky. This goes from me drinking nearly a galloon for 3 days and slowly decreasing from there. I felt a sudden change in my energy and being that it was hot, that did not help either. I’m trying to get back to drinking more water, which I hope I’ll be able to do on vacation. Water not only helped with my energy, but I didn’t crave as much in drinking it.
  • SNACKING! Whole 30 recommends no snacking, but it’s been the only thing to keep me going. I haven’t indulged in anything crazy just fruit. My obsession has been cherries.
  • STAY ACTIVE! If nothing more than walking more than you usually do, keep moving! I’ve had such a surge of energy that I’ve become a workout junkie newbie. Yeah there’s days I’ve slacked, but I get excited to workout. Never have I ever been excited to do that.

Check out my video below and stay tuned for to see how I cope with Whole 30 on vacation.

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