What’s In My Carry On?

So I’ll be heading on vacation and I wanted to share what I’d be carrying in  my carry on. I was going to pack everything in my H&M tote (click HERE to see that), but I decided a traditional carry on would suffice. In carrying this bag I won’t care about dropping it or tossing it around myself. I love my H&M bag and if I were to push it the wrong way it’d bend.

My carry on consists of my valuables. Like I wouldn’t put my camera in my suitcase. Even though I’m not checking my bag, the way they throw bags as soon as you get off the plane, is a definitely NO for me.

As for my carry on Essentials:

  • phone + chargers
  • something to keep me busy (book/iPad)
  • something to keep me warm (oversized scarf)
  • comfy shoes

See what else I pack in my carry on in the video below. Stay tuned for a pack with me coming soon. Enjoy!

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