In Case You Missed It: ‘Play No Games’ & ‘BBHMM’

It’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged. Hey, let’s blame it on grad school and my Netflix coma over the holiday weekend. In the meantime, check out what my lack of posts the past week below:

To get back into the swing of things, I wanted to share two videos that I’ve been loving. There’s not many artists that push the boundaries in videos. There’s some artists that have no boundaries at all. I appreciate videos that have concept and take you on a journey. Videos that tell a story. In the industry these days, those videos are hard to come by. Two that I’ve been loving are Big Sean’s, ‘Play No Games,’ and Rihanna’s, ‘BBHMM.’

Compared to the his past two videos that he recently dropped, Big Sean is clearly on a roll. Out of ‘All My Fault’ and ‘I Know’ I preferred ‘I Know,’ but this one for ‘Play No Games’ takes the cake. It’s Martin inspired and of course features Big Sean, excuse me, Sean Anderson as Martin. Chris Brown comes in as Cole, perfect fit. There’s a Tommy and Gina look-a-like, but the Pam look-a-like was eh. As for Ty Dolla $ign who was featured on the track, all you could hear was his vocals, aside from his brief appearance in the beginning credits. His role was brush man, yes the official brush man.

What I loved about this video was that it was fun, paid homage to the legendary 90s, but in looking closer it had a loose play on the meaning of the song. It played up the dynamic of Martin and Gina along with Tommy and Pam. During the boxing party Chris ended up in between the two who were arguing while Sean and his Gina were off doing whatever your imagination tells you. I just love the vibe and I understand the concept with the song, for the most part. This could’ve easily been a club video, like most, but thankfully it wasn’t.

On to the next, the graphic, unfiltered, ‘Bitch Better Have My Money.’ First off, YES to Rihanna for serving Snapped realness. While the blogs have dissected this video I’m just so impressed with how far Rihanna has come as an artist. I love how she takes chances in her music, her style, and all that reflects in this video. Her attitude was so strong in this one, I can’t stop watching.

While some may not like the blood, some may like the boobs. While some may not like the man tied to the chair, hell some may lie Rihanna kidnapping the lady in the elevator. To each its own. I loved the entire thing because it was a story. The lady clearly took her money, her man couldn’t pay up so he had to go to. In the end, Rihanna gets her cash and moves on. It’s so great, not because it’s Rihanna, but because it was so believable. That makes a video.

Check out both videos below:

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