This Week In Music (V. 37): Video Mash-Up

Cheers to knocking out another week and cheers to Summer! Before we get into music news, click the links below for posts of the week:

As always, let’s check out what’s happening on the Billboard 200 and Hot 100. The Billboard 200 features two new albums: James Taylor, Before This World, in at #1 with Adam Lambert in at #3 with The Original High. Taylor Swift still sits in at #2 with 1989. The Hot 100 still has the same standings and its a wonder if this will be a permanent fixture throughout the month of July. Only time will tell with that. For spots 1-3, ‘See You Again,’ ‘Bad Blood,’ and ‘Trap Queen,’ respectively. One of my new favorites, Omi’s ‘Cheerleader,’ is slowly moving up as it sits at #4.

Moving on to videos. Big Sean released two videos this week, ‘I Know,’ featuring Jhené Aiko, and ‘All Your Fault,’ featuring Kanye West. From looking at the pictures that surfaced I though the track was more sentimental based off the theme. It was completely the opposite. Sean checked in to a nursing home along with his walker while Jhene was pushed up to the front. Instant chemistry between the two. As the video progressed they get younger and younger.

They have their ‘Senior Prom,’ how cute, and Sean ditches the walker and Jhené ditches the wheelchair for a swaggy cane. Sean’s “friend” ends up faking being sick to get the nurses away from monitoring every one else. During this Sean and Jhené slip out. No cane for Ms. Aiko as she’s now running to the get away. See how they’re getting younger. They end up at a bar where they take shots, Coyote Ugly style, play pool, play karaoke, and Big Sean even partakes in some arm wrestling. They end up getting back to the nursing home, but their faces are back to normal.

As for Big Sean’s video with Kanye West, it’s pretty basic, I enjoyed the song more than the video. There’s some tracks that would go fine without a visual, this happens to be one of them. Kanye’s performing on stage and as he’s doing that it flips back and forth between Sean making his way to the stage. I did enjoy Big Sean’s flow on this one and the back and forth between the two at the end. Check out both videos below:

One track that I am LOVING and the video fits the vibe is Pitbull and Chris Brown’s, ‘Fun.’ So of course Pit being from Miami has to party. The video begins with a little peep show, followed by a party boat full of ladies. Head over to the night party at “Ocean Surf,” and lastly Pitbull gets a private show that ends with him handcuffed to a chair. I love the vibe of this one and Chris Brown is really one person I’d love to party with. I love the change of outfits as well. Props to Pitbull for major moves from baggy jeans and oversized tees to custom suits and shades. Check out the video below:

Speaking of Chris Brown, he was also featured in the debut video for Pia Mia along with Tyga for the track, ‘Do It Again.’ Pia Mia takes inspiration for the track and video from J Boog’s (no B2k affiliation), ‘Let’s Do It Again.’ I’m not really a fan of Tyga, nor am I a fan of Chris’ current hair situation, but I do like how the video focused on Pia. She did a little dancing, the video ends with a bonfire. Pretty cool vibe. Compared to ‘Fun,’ Chris was pretty chill in this video. He wasn’t hopping around everywhere. With all these new artists, I’m interested in where Pia Mia will fall in. Check out the video below:

Last but not least, Selena Gomez has a new single and video, ‘Good for You.’ I’m not a fan of either. Selena’s music can easily grow on me and I actually like her earlier music like ‘Who Says’ and ‘Love You Like a Love Song.’ In this video, while she sings about being sexy, she’s just rolling around on a couch then a floor, then couch, and floor again. Nothing special. The most skin shown is her back in the shower. No, she didn’t have to get naked. The concept could’ve been different, with a  love interest, and her getting ready. She could’ve channeled her inner ‘Partition.’ The video was just boring. Check it out below:

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