Single Review: Janet Jackson, ‘No Sleep’

Janet Jackson is a music legend with 10 albums, 6 Grammy’s and a multitude of other awards. She’s lived up to her famous family name and has set the bar high for ladies following in her footsteps. It was announced that she’d be making a return and fans get their first taste of her comeback with her track ‘No Sleep.’

Now this is not the type of comeback that I was expecting. It’s been 7 years since Janet released an album and I was expecting a Summer smash. Her last album, Discipline, featured one of my favorite tracks ‘Feedback’ and from that energy to this, they don’t compare.

This track is a mellow, chill, and as a lot have been saying “grown folk music.” She’s not singing her heart out on this and I had to listen closely a few times to understand what she was singing. She’s really whispering over a Michael-inspired beat. It’s not horrible, it’s just not what I wanted to hear.

Lyrically the song is pretty basic as well. She sings about missing her lover and how she can’t wait for them to be back together. She thinks of all the things he could do, but only time will tell as to what will really happen. Blah, blah, blah. Whatever they’re doing, which is pretty self explanatory, could last 48 hours making her the “queen of insomnia.” It’s not hard to read between the lines on this one.

Although I’m disappointed in the comeback, I’m not going to count her out. That would be dumb on my part. My fingers are crossed that she’ll slay yet again and release a Summer smash. Maybe even a late Summer smash. I just want an upbeat, Janet dance track. That’s what I want to hear.

Listen to her comeback below:

In other Janet Jackson news, aside from her new album and world tour (Janet Jackson: Unbreakable), she will be receiving the Inaugural ULTIMATE ICON: Music Dance Visual Award at this years 2015 BET Awards. Stephen G. Hill, BETs President of Programming, released a statement:

“This is Janet Jackson, people! We are excited beyond belief to present her with our inaugural ULTIMATE ICON: Music Dance Visual award and we are thrilled that she chose the BET Awards as the first step on her new road. An inspiration to many other artists, ‘Ms. Jackson’ (’cause I’m nasty) blends music, dance and visuals in unique and groundbreaking ways and we look forward to celebrating her storied history… as well as giving the BET Awards audience a peek into her Unbreakable future.

Very strategic on the part of BET. The awards have not been the way they used to be, as stated in a previous post, but this could really bring in ratings. I’d definitely tune in for a Janet Jackson tribute. Artists slated to perform include Tinashe, Jason Derulo, and Ciara. Let’s be honest, Ciara could easily steal the show with this one. This is one performance I’m definitely looking forward to see. Last year Ciara performed both ‘I’m Out’ and ‘Body Party’ from her self-titled album.

You can purchase ‘No Sleep’ on Amazon and iTunes and be sure to check out Ms. Jackson LIVE at the BET Awards this Sunday, June 28th, 8pm EST.

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