Planner Addict Tag

IMG_20150620_222825Welcome to another edition of ‘Spicy Saturday’ and yet another planner post. There was an older tag floating around YouTube, but I decide to do the one created by Elle Fowler (All That Glitters 21) and Belinda Selene (Belinda Selene). Check out their video below:

Here are the questions:
1.) How many planner do you have/own?
2.) Hom many planner do you actually use at one time?
3.) When did you first start using a paper planner?
4.) When did you start decorating your planner?
5.) If you could use only ONE embelishment to decorate your planner, what would you use?
6.)What is your favorite pen to write with?
7.) Favorite place to shop for planner goodies (Can also be your favorite Etsy seller)
8.)What is the most you have spent at a store for planner supplies?
9.) What is your planning routine?
10.) If you had to pick only ONE planner, which one would you use and why?
11.) *BONUS QUESTION* Show us your washi tape stash. Is it out of control?

I’ve also featured a mini haul with items from Erin Condren, Target, and Etsy. This is by far my smallest haul EVER! I will be doing a separate post on the Erin Condren Sticker book along with a 4th of July themed ‘Plan With Me.’
As for items mentioned in the video. You can click the links for purchase below:

  • MAMBI Planner:
  • Pens:
  • Erin Condren Sticker Book:
  • Little B Pineapple Washi Tape:

Check out the tag video below:

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